Go with the Gary Friedman book. Well worth the $25 (or so). It’s HUGE too. I printed it in color, double sided x11 and it takes a 3-inch binder. “Gary Friedman, that also is a member here (Sony Camera Group), I’ve just downloaded the a77/a65 book and can’t wait to start reading it. The excellent series of books for Sony Alphas has been updated to include the Sony A65 & A This is available as a download at the moment.

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The latest update fruedman the book includes a kindle version too! I’ve used other 35mm SLR’s so I’m not completely green when it comes to cameras, but your insight and hints take great strides in teaching how to use the camera more effectively.

It may not be a replacement friedmab a DSLR, but it can complement one well for some uses. The secrets of taking outstanding photos. Just to let you know, it’s a really good way to learn more about your SLT’s from an experienced photographer.

The best camera bargains of I used it extensively in my travels to add better light with the greatest of ease. I think it is admirable how eager you are to share your knowledge and help people develop their own process for acquiring knowledge. Sunday, April 15, Upping my Game While I was able to glean information from them, the experience was not pleasurable as a book should be.


friedman a65-a77 book for an a57

Friday, May 25, Giving back A small investment that pays great dividends! So here I was, on my way back from Las Vegas, and I came across a s65 old building that has a certain “character”. Since this book was published, Sony has come out with Firmware version 1.

BrianK 6 years ago. Before and After, in front of Mr. Additionally, the visual illustrations of the techniques and the teaching method make it all more engaging and easy to follow.

Sounds like a good book. Your writing style is clear, friendly, easy to dip in and out of, but most of all informative.

This is truly the guide I have been looking for! Doesn’t have that “textbook” flavor so many beginner’s books have. Best money I ever spent on a “how-to” book.

I will most definitely be recommending the book to all my friends. Post hide subjects Posted by When friedman aa77 rfiedman for an a The color version is a little fruedman expensive than your typical book, but as some readers have reported, significantly cheaper than printing the. To do a piece of work like that you have to have the gift. And for the price it is offered at, it’s nothing short of fantastic.


Get the most out of your investment – Learn about the wonders of digital imaging and improve your photography at the same time!

Sony – The Friedman Archives – Stock Photo Images by Gary L. Friedman

Save Cancel Drag to set position! Not only is it giving me exactly what I need for the A77, but it has dramatically expanded my understanding of the “art” of photography. I don’t know how you do it. But i’m happy to say i was wrong. I realise frjedman this doesn’t fully answer your friedan but hope it helps OK I’ve had the book for almost 3 weeks now.

I have, and enjoyed, David Busch’s book for my A which I’d like to sell for a new lens or flash but haven’t yet gotten a book for the A77, which I bought a few months ago.