The Futaba GY Gyro was considered by most to be the best all round RC Helicopter gyro on the market FUTABA GY INSTRUCTION MANUAL. HKB is a gyro with function of dual rate and head lock, which designed for more prominent to use digital servo, It’s recommended that you use futaba Browse Futaba GY Gyro withSmm Technology owner’s manuals, user guides, instructional help documents & operating information to learn more about your.

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Futaba GY Gyro withSmm Technology User Manuals & Repair Guides – Fixya

Mount the Gyro on the back plate behind the main shaft. When flying in the AVCS mode, set the rudder trim to the same position. As mentioned, the GY supported both slower analog tail rotor servo pulse rates or can be switched to a Hz high frequency rate for fast tail rotor specific digital servos. Pull the link as far forward as it can go then adjust the ‘Limit’ control on the top of the gyro so that the ball on the servo arm centers with the link. Again, watch the LED to confirm which mode the gyro is in before making adjustments.

FUTABA GY401 Instruction Manual

Before we continue it helps to understand the characteristics of this gyro. The model flies in the same rudder trim position including sub trim as. One direction will set the gain value for heading hold and the other will be for standard rate. Gyro sensitivity also changes with the length of the servo horn. The first thing to do is make the link slide as free as possible.


Gyro operation direction switch, DS mode switch, Control delay. Once you are finished you can snap the link on the ball. If the gyro cables are too taut, the gyro will not display its. This noise may interfere with the gyro sensor and cause. Notice that the values are different, you do not need as much to rotate the helicopter to the left because it is going ‘with’ the torque fhtaba that direction.

In the AVCS mode, all rudder corrections are made by. Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

The distinction is important to recognize as the proper use of the AFR function will ensure no drifting problems occur with the gyro. If you the tail wags in a hover then decrease the gain. Check the blades, check for bent main shaft, spindle shaft, tail shaft, out of balance tail blades, etc. Proper technique for greatest tail rotor servo life should be to run as much gain as needed for the most demanding maneuver and no more. The large range of heli size usage and outstanding performance is why the GY outsold every other performance gyro on the market.

Then turn off the receiver and then back on and let the gyro initialize in heading hold mode. On most helicopters, a servo wheel with ball joint mounting radius of The helicopter model and engine must be running smoothly. I know many people who started with a Futaba GY gyro in a small size electric knowing one day they wanted to get into a larger electric or nitro powered heli.

Gyro performance largely depends on the servo used. Procedures which may lead to a dangerous condition and cause death or serious injury to the. Yes, the tape that comes with the gyro is not very cushiony, but that’s the way it needs to be.


To select both sides flip the GEAR switch. It has been perfectly matched to operate with the GY in fast digital mode. Inhibit all preprogrammed gyro software in the transmitter. It’s also important that your engine is running good. This will set how fast the helicopter rotates. The drive motor generates strong electromagnetic noise. Do not disturb the trim in the radio.

Procedures which may lead to a dangerous condition or cause death or serious injury to the. Use an exacto knife to shave this off. What follows is ONE example for setting up the GY gyro that works for virtually any model and almost any brand of radio. When the model is static, the servos may move a small step.

When operating the trimmers and switches, always use the miniature. Got it, continue to print. Adjust the guides to futsba the least resistance. Next check that the front link is centered with the ball on the servo arm. This adjustment only effects how fast the tail moves your pirouette rate. Some of these options are more confusing than others, sometimes confusing the newcomer and making him or her feel the gyro is a great deal more complicated to set-up than it ever has to be.

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