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Arm bin Quart al Ansari: He went into the armies of the Devil, and found his own uncle there. A noble, highly respected, God-fearing and a brave personality.

As the battle for Right against Might proceeded and the supporters of the Truth fell one after another, the tent containing the bodies of the martyrs was turned into a ‘Ganj-e-Shaheedan’ or the ‘Repository of the Martyrs’. Summer temperatures can rise to early 40 degree Celsius and minimum Winter temperature can reach 0 degree Celsius.

Imam Hussain pbuh stood there in silence.

Qasim son of Imam Hassan, Aun and Muhammad, Ganj-e-Shaheedan, Umme Farwa, Hassan-e-Mussanna

Husayn ibne Ali, the King of Martyrs: At once he heard a cry. Ganj-e-Shuhada is the place in Karbala where the majority of the martyrs are buried. He was the one who carried the communications of the Holy Imam to the pious ones of the devotees of the House of the Holy Prophet in Kufa. Now I am pleased with you that, you have proved your worth and laid down your lives for Truth and pleased God and His Holy Prophet tanj.

One of the nobles in Kufa. This masjid is in ruins and is still used tanj a pilgrimage site by Muslims.


He was a gan personality very much revered and respected by the people. Aun and Muhammad were the sons of Bibi Zainab, and they were quite young, aged ten 10 and nine 9 years respectively. He was the man who, while the Holy Imam offered his prayers in the field of action Karbala stood in front of the Holy Imam and received the arrows from the Devil’s forces, on his breast, and protecting the Imam in prayers. And the report about the wedding of Qasim to gwnj Kubra’ the daughter of Imam Hussain pbuhon the night before ‘Ashura’ is not true.

At one point ‘Umar son of Saad’ asked, “Who are these two youngsters?

Joined the Holy Imam on his way to Karbala. Habib left Kufa and joined the Holy Imam on his way to Karbala. It was sgaheedan by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. A very pious devotee of Ameerul Momineen.


When the enemy saw shaheesan, they began to murmur, “How can we kill someone whose face is shining like moon? They surrounded him from all sides, and attacked him with swords, spears, daggers and arrows.

The liberated slave of hazrat Hamza, the uncle of the Holy Prophet-had come from Madina along with Husayn. Today I am pleased with my children. Do you remember how proud our father Ali was? By God, it is very hard on your uncle that you should call him and he should not be able to respond, or that he should respond without shaheedann able to do anything for you! A good reciter of the Holy Qu’ran and a very brave, God fearing, influential and powerful noble of Kufa.


Download Ganj E Shaheedan Allah Yar Khan Jogi Part 1

Salman bin Mazarib bin Qais al Anmari al Bijilli: Qasim came to the battlefield. His uncle asked him: He came from Kufa and volunteered to be shhaheedan in the way of the Lord.

History Geographic description Shamsabad is situated latitude But also the efforts made by the Nawabs of Awadh Oudh dynasty to promote Azadari in the Indian sub-continent, the result of which is the presence of Replicas of almost every holy shia shrines.

Jafar ibne Aqeel ibne Abi Taleb: Member feedback about Shamsabad, Farrukhabad: Muhammad bin Muslim bin Aqeel: Hajjaji bin Masrooq al-Jaufi: The ‘Alam’ or the Banner which he held on behalf of the Holy Imam, was the Standard of Islam or the Truth, which is hoisted by the Shias, popularly during the mourning season of Muharram, and is revered as do the faithful subjects of good Kings as a token of their loyalty to him.

The temple structure that existed prior to the construction of the mosque was most probably built by Raja Man Singh during Akbar’s reign. Son of Baniah, son of Kahli who was one of the companions of the Holy Shageedan.

One of the faithful devotees and companions of Amirul-Momineen. When he saw someone trying to attack you, he rushed into the battle field and killed the man.