ABST. Garbhini Paricharya refers to antenatal care wh. Vihar (normal daily activities) and Vichara (psyc pregnant lady should start from the beginning o. uphold a complete caring plan in this regard called GARBHINI PARICHARYA. In Women’s life,. Sagrbhaavastha (pregnancy) is a special event. Systematic supervision (examination and advice) of a woman during pregnancy is called garbhini paricharya (antenatal care). Supervision.

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Mother and Child Care in Traditional Medicine – Garbhini Paricharya : Care Of The Pregnant Woman

Garbhini paricharya or antenatal care is the most important aspect in the whole area of Prasuthi Tantra. One basic advice is to avoid food in large quantities or even over nourishing foods, the reason being “to harbhini a large foetus resulting in a difficult delivery”.

Meat soups with cooked rice and fat or rice gruel mixed with good quantity of fat should be given as diet.

For this reason, basthi i. It is said that these special desires can also help in the assessment of the sex of the child, as they are peculiar to the sex of the unborn baby. Leave a Reply Cancel paricgarya Enter your comment here As per the modern science there are lot many nutritional deficiencies occurring in second trimester which causes serious health hazards in mother as well in fetus.

Some are of the opinion that eggs can be given if the digestive power of the pregnant woman is good as per the dictum “Garbham aamagarbhena” which means that the foetus can be nourished by other substances having the same quality.


Garbhini Paricharya (Regimen for the pregnant woman)

Desires of the mother are said to have some relationship with the character of the child. Notify me of new comments via email.

Antenatal Care by Ayurveda -Garbhini Paricharya Importance- Dietetic and certain other regimen advocated in Samhitas for pregnant woman are of great significance. Fourth Month Butter extracted from milk not from curds in the quantity of one aksha approximately 10 grams or milk with the same amount of better should be pariicharya Cha.

Softening of placenta aparapelvis, waist, sides of the chest and back Downward movement of vaatha paricbarya – this is needed for the normal expulsion of foetus during delivery. The functions of apaana Vaayu are “Vaathavinmoothra paeicharya garbha nishkramanaadikriyaaha ” i. During the fourth month there is solidification and the development paircharya the limbs. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Massage with oils should be given but rubbing of unguents should be avoided as they would liquify the doshas Cha. It is the need of an hour to have healthy pregnancies in Indian population as the normal nutritional requirements in maternal periods of women in India are not getting fulfilled, so as the malnourished and birth defective children are born.

As the foetus reaches the fifth month the chetna i. Daily bath with cold decoctions of vaathahara drugs are also advised. It changes in accordance with the growth of the fetus in the womb and at the same time ensures health of the mother.

This again is “guru” and in “aama” from, which may cause indigestion and formation of aama. They are recommended for the pregnant woman right from the first month upto the ninth month of pregnancy. The nine monthly diet is singularly unique to Ayurveda. Drugs of the jeevaneeya gana can also be used in a similar way.


Sometimes, it is reported that the sexual intercourse in late pregnancy is prohibited since “it would amount to incest, since the body of the child is already formed. The effects of the various garbhopagathakarabhaavas have been mentioned as follows: She should not talk in high pitch and avoid thoughts which would promote her anger or fear – all these physical and mental activities would harm the foetus Sus.

Email required Address never made public. In such cases one should use one’s “yukthi” of power of reasoning, so as to fulfill her desire and at the same time render it harmless.

Garbhini Paricharya – JSS Ayurveda Hospital, Mysuru

You are commenting using your WordPress. Execessive hard work is prohibitted for pregnant woman, because over exertion may lead to abortions or other complications. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is a unique concept that explains the sudden and abnormal likes and dislikes, that pregnant women may manifest. Ninth Month The pregnant woman should be given anuvaasana basthi with oil prepared with the drugs of madhura group, and also vaginal tampons pichu with the same oil for lubrication of garbhaashaya uterus and prasava maarga birth canal.