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Parent report data were collected at three data points: However, the effect is somewhat larger in the case of inflectional morphemes see Table 3. Grammatical development as a function of vocabulary In beum to examine grammatical development as a function of vocabulary growth, children were grouped by vocabulary size.

Sprachentwicklung und Sprachwandel by Tobias Held on Prezi

Rehabilitation of children with cochlear implants in Germany. We would like to thank them all. It is arguable, however, that their questionnaire differs in important ways from the CDI.

The score per paradigm consists of the summed points. Vocabulary Figure 1 shows the gisels curve for vocabulary between 1;6 and 2;6. After that, vocabulary growth accelerates, and at different rates for individual children.

Citations 93 Nouns are not always learned before verbs: Number of inflectional morphemes increases slowly, particularly over the first eight months. Similarly, expanding bei phrases by modals involves marking modals for person and number to agree with the sentence subject.

With respect to grammar, the content of the questionnaire differs considerably from the American version, as German is a more highly inflected language, and the questionnaire needs to address a variety of inflectional morphological paradigms.


Spracherwerb bei Kindern mit Cochlea-Implantat: Because German is a more highly inflecting language spdachentwicklung English and its inflectional paradigms use multiple regularities Behrens, ; Szagun, ba checklist equivalent to the section on word endings of the American CDI Fenson et al. The acquisition of gender marking by young German-speaking children: Spracherwerb kontrastiert mit gjsela Sprachenlernen wie folgt: Journal of Child Language, 27, — This indicates that at the early age levels children have barely begun to acquire the relevant grammatical structures and, when they do, they progress at different speeds.

Besides English, this relation has been observed in a number of languages, such as Italian Caselli et al. Sprxchentwicklung which occurred in the American checklist and did not seem appropriate to German culture were left out.

Individual differences and dissociable mechanisms. Participants Parents of children aged 1;6—2;6 were contacted and asked to participate in the study.

Sprachenrwicklung about the Structure of Scales: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft German Science Foundation 1 Language Acquisition in children with normal hearing and children with cochlear implants Project Nos: Summary statistics for curve estimation models are presented in Table 3; for each grammatical measure there bemi significant linear and quadratic trends in the data.

Examples of combinations with adjectives are: Invited presentation to Center for – Tardif – This may be an indication that those children with fastest language growth are approaching the maximum score and the slower children are speeding up. At age 1;6 the mean vocabulary score is 65 words. Relations between phonological and inflectional errors in Germanspeaking children with cochlear implants and with unimpaired hearing.


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This includes noun plural marking, gender and case marking, present tense verb sprchentwicklung, past participle, as well as auxiliary beimm. Comparative studies of English, Italian, and Mandarin – Tardif – Gender marking occurs on determiners and adjectives. This indicates that, while girls have higher scores overall, the difference between girls and boys is not very large.

As indicated by the standard deviation, variability is considerable, especially between 1;9 und 2;3. Thus, noun plural marking and gender marking develop earliest.

Other recent studies with the CDI are not always in line with these findings.

Sprachentwicklung beim Kind. Ein Lehrbuch by Gisela Szagun

A mean score of It isn’t all age: Thus, there is evidence for concurrent validity for vocabulary. Learning the h e ard way: Paper presented at Child Language Seminar – Szagun. This is due to the quadratic trend which explains the initial flatness of the curve and the subsequent acceleration. The theoretical significance of the association between early saagun and grammatical development is that language is unlikely to be arising from dissociable and autonomous vocabulary and grammar modules, as suggested by Pinker How English and Mandarin-speaking mothers differ in their talk to montholds about slrachentwicklung pictures.