MEANING: Swamy Desikan states that GodhA sthuthi rose from him as a result of fully blossomed. Bhakthi for Her (Vikasitha BhakthE: utthitham). All sthOthrams. Godha Stuthi – (The Lord’s high regard for the Garlands worn by GodhA dEvi). viswaayamaana rajasA kamalEna naabhou. vaksha: sthalE cha kamalA. Godha Stuthi Tamil Easy to Print – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free.

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The assembly of ChetanAs trespass constantly the saastraic commands of Your Lord. As that river of nectarYou destroy the deadly poison of SamsAram. Vikrama Varsha AadippUram season has been a blessed one for adiyEn in that Godhai blessed adiyEN to write about the anubhavam of Swami Desikan going back to seven hundred years.

Besides that, those wishing to conduct their marriage and wedding ceremonies smoothly without problems and disturbances can also seek the blessings of Goddess Andal. The honey bees seem to vote to indicate the superiority of Your garland over that of the VyjayanthI maalai from their expert perspective. Sarasvathi generally refers to the Goddess of speech and learning. Those MahAnswho seek refuge at Your sacred feet immerse themselves in that flood of Your nectarine Sookthis and have all of their samsAric afflictions destroyed.

ThereforeSwami Desikan chooses the word”SravanayO: That Hari has chandana yOgam. In the fifth slOkamSwamy delves deeper into the miracle of Godhai’s KatAkshamwhich enables even great sinners to receive the anugrahm of Her Lord.

Shri Andal Stuthi (Godha Stuthi)

The Mother knows exactly as to what Her child wants. Swamy Desikan hints goda the river Sarasvathi may not have padikkattukaL on its embankmentssince it flows underground. They jostle each other to get there first and circle around and thus form a black umbrella as it were wthuthi the head of the Lord.


The anvaya kramam is: Swami hints that the two Sri Sookthis of Godhai are indeed Yamunai. The VedAs feel that they are from a foreign land and have no clue as how to go about praising Godhai’s glories. It enhances His affection for Her. Godhai, who incarnated as the daughter of PeriyAzhwAr has the bluish hue of sapphire indra neelam.

You can either use the Yantra or the photo of Lord Andal. He did not however respond to them too much. How come You overlooked all these negative factorswhile making Your choice of Him as Your future husband?

Sri Godha – Sri Krishna’s Bride: Godha Stuthi – 29

The most compassinate AcharyanSwami Desikan wanted us to have the fruits of the recitation of the full sthuthi by reciting the dhyAna slOkam alone. As a result ,Yamunai acquired ogdha fame. You devise a method to interfere with the Lord’s duties of punishing the jeevansdeserving such punishment.

Such indeed is the power of GodhA sthuthi! He praised Your father for his welcome kaimkaryam and honored him with the name”PeriyAzhwAr ” or the senior most AzhwAr and became his son-in-law later. The Shri Andal Stuthi can godua chanted by anyone regardless of gender and age. It is saamudhrikA lakshaNam for Padmini ladies to have lofty breasts as a mark of beauty.

They thought of a trick to overcome this limitation. Chandran delights the heart of every one through His cool rays. One meaning of Yogam is union. Next Swami Desikan refers to ” Nigama prasoonai: At that timeRanganathA bent His head to receive the garland worn by You and You reciprocated in the same way during the time of the exchange of Garlands.


Sthufhi can She refuse Her child’s request that will delight the heart of Her Consort as well? Our taste for akruthya KaraNam is deep. He gives up resisting the appeals of MahA Lakshmi and responds favorably to Her earlier appeals. The many meanings gofha GodhA have beeen covered in earlier articles of adiyEn.

Sri Godha – Sri Krishna’s Bride: Godha Stuthi – 17

Swamy Desikan continues with the theme of Vyjayanthi maalai having a status lower than that of the flower garland with the dEha- sambhandham of the garland with Godhai.

ThereforeSwamy says: There is a double meaning behind the name of each of these six rivers. You may also be interested in Andal Gayatri Mantra. When he heard the sounds of Koil vaadhyamshe stepped out from the inside of the house, where he was staying to find out as to what was bodha.

Apart from that, it can also be chanted 9 times, 30 times, or times. You cast Your shy glances at His crown decorated with Your garlands.

When this stuthi is constantly recited, one will be free from obstacles. Swamy says that ” Valmikatha: