This is the first installment in the “12 Weeks at Greyskull” series of eBooks which will follow a hypothetical trainee through twelve grueling weeks of programming. “You only have to have your head under water for ten minutes once in your life and it’s all over; or you can have your head under water for thirty. like the GLADIATOR for those who are going for going for mass and size thread and you do greyskul lp, join us on #greyskull.

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Want a bigger yoke, well pick racked deads, farmers walks, truck deadlifts power cleans etc. The GSLP differentiates itself from others though because they slow this progression down, in fact they cut it in half only adding 2. Pretty surprised about how tired i was gladiaor the time i got to the deadlift.

The Greyskull LP

Weak points- If you have a very noticeable weak spot in a lift, choose a variant that will help correct this weak point. You have to make the program work for you and your goals, not the goals of a damn program created by gladiatro that has never even spoken to you.

This is where the chronically-applied low-intensity work comes in to shore up the excess taken in through the diet needed to pack on the muscle, and work on eliminating the reserves through a passive aggressive means that consumes primarily body fat as fuel over other available fuel sources. All of the main lifts with the exception of deadlifts are performed for a total of three true working sets. You do this by implementing all the sections of the book including the high intensity conditioning.

At some point he hated what he saw in the mirror and when he asked for advice on getting past sticking points on the lifts…. The final advantage to this order is it allows the lifter to lay on the floor and cry for a few minutes after the hard squat and deadlift sessions. Adding 5 lbs 2 times per week would yield a lbs increase over 6 months, is this completely realistic, maybe?


Another way to perform the Blast and Cruise method is after the cruise, we rotate the lift. These will build your arms faster than anything else. This works extremely well on the pursuit of complete the bodyweight squat villain challenge. This is simply the foundation program; for more splits see pages Daunte Trudal trains some of the most advanced bodybuilders in the world, including Dave Henry and many of his trainees are walking around with lbs or more of actual muscle mass.

Physique holes- If you have a glaring weakness in your physique, well pick a variant that will help correct that.

The Greyskull Methods- A Primer |

LP book is a great read and a better program. On page glwdiator he simply says to make an educated guess as to the grreyskull to start with and to pick a weight that you would fail on between 8 and 10 reps. He has created a modified and effective linear progression known as The Greyskull LP, and just released an e-book with the same name.

There is no maintaining or standing still in this Game. No self promotion, surveys, or market research. Look it up in our Glossary.

No longer are you forced to do only 5 reps and if you fail you must reset. Everybodys got a bulging disc. It is a program that can be used by anybody at any level especially with the techniques laid out in the power building book which is essentially an advanced manual for the LP. Be respectful, civil, and charitable 2. Essentially we are going to Blast away as hard as we can on our money sets for 6 weeks.

And because of the density of his training causing crazy amounts of hypertrophy along the way. greyakull

Originally Posted by cotcot. The neck harness is not needed imo and most non-athletes would be better off doing heavy farmers walks with dumbbells instead. The statement above reflects that of my own opinion and in no way that of MAN Sports.


Deficit deadlift, Rack gladiatoe, Snatch-grip deadlift Bodyweight: Make no mistake about it, the GSLP is a results oriented program because in the end all that matters are the results. Johnny refused to accept this and set out to find a better way. There have been some recent posts about different Greyskull variant or greysukll than can be added to the base program. Many are familiar with Phrak’s variant but have not read the original Greyskull LP book.

This is my take on the Greyskull LP. With the sets being performed to complete failure the creation of a stimulus for growth and strength development is ensured no matter the weight on the bar. Progress is everything and the only thing that fricking matters. Please see book for suggested rep ranges for each exercise if you have questions. Push ups Dead Hang pull ups Dips Conditioning: I highly recommend getting the book. If you feel yourself getting beat up, your mind is not into it, well cut the blast and perform a cruise, come back refreshed and gladiiator get after it again.

I follow the PPL beginners linear program and love. For example if you have small and weak triceps, fladiator close grip bench or reverse bench.

Greyskull LP – Variants self. Use Pushups and Chins to increase volume to cause Hypertrophy. Tested 1RM on wednesday, decided to celebrate with my first ever post. Better nutrition from whole foods leads to be results in both strength and physique goals than a gallon of milk ever could.