Enter Jake Thorn, a Prince of the Underworld disguised as another high-schooler , who wants Beth as his Princess of the Third Circle of Hades. Hades[edit]. Published on 30 August , Hades is the second instalment of the Halo series. Bethany is kidnapped by a demon and. Hades (Halo Trilogy, book 2) by Alexandra Adornetto – book cover, description, publication history.

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Of course, that begs the question as to why I bothered reading it in the first place in fact, I expect that question soonxdornetto I will adress it This is just one of these books you knew, going into it, that you were never going to like it, and yet, after you finish it, you remain with a sour taste in your mouth.

Hades (Halo, #2) by Alexandra Adornetto

Sounds a little silly but I agree with you about it being nice having a book that deals with those morals. Starts with an ‘s’, ends with a Hades is NOT Hell!

This serves no purpose other than to pad the story out even further. Bethany still takes the cake for stupidest YA heroine.

One of the new secondary characters is black, wear leather miniskirts, drinks alcohol and she has some cool looking shoes and is named ASIA.

If she were human, her desire to be with Xavier would be understandable, as well as her thirst for a normal life. He wants to be mysterious and charming but then truly evil, but he’s really just a paper thin charicature of a monster. That’s a new track record. Also, during this road trip from Georgia to Tennessee, one of Bethany’s friends is dragged along: Oh, and there’s one more thing I wanted to mention But, I have to agree with one of them when she tries to tell Bethany how messed up her relationship is, “What’s your favourite football team?


The whole graduation scene is about leaving childhood behind and starting life as adults, but Adornetgo is an angel, she shouldn’t care about that. Thanks a lot, Obession ruiner!!!!!!!!!!

Hades – Paranormal Book Summaries

The description in the book for particular scenes on Earth and in Hades made you feel like you were there feeling the heat of the flames licking at you, the emotional distress of having been snatched away from your loved ones, and feeling the pressure of trying to make the right choice to protect loved ones. Wearing make-up and clubbing gear is described in a very bad light.

I have read a lot of awful books in the day, but nothing has offended me quite like Hades at least as of recently.

Things actually happen in Hades. Her females have blonde, brown, or ‘titian’ hair Ahhhh dearest Dwight I love you.

Follow the Author

Hell, there are even other things that you could use for comparisons! The tragic things is, I think this is what dear Alexandra was trying to portray when she wrote him. On the minus side, the author is officially out to set feminism backā€¦to nonexistence. There are several things that bugged me about this book. YA had proved to be a friendly companion in my recent years of extremely frequent reading, and I was itching to get to the top and find some more to read.


Page His boyish beauty contrasted strangely with his marble-sculpted body. Molly comes around demanding to know what happened to her friend. That’s rather accurate for Jake. I bought the hell alexandfa of it. WHO has ever done that before? It’s just despicable and quite sad, really. I have no idea what was going on.

Alexandra Adornetto

Xavier yells at you to get off, you realize you can’t and you still don’t turn around. Not a self published author who doesn’t have resources available to her to help with the editing process of this book. What do I write about this book?

How is she portrayed? That being said, her writing is fairly bad. Actually do something about it.