Personal Collection. all cards, all new, all mine Work of Harry Lorayne. pages (Hardcover), published by Harry Lorayne, Inc. Illustrated with drawings by . Harry Lorayneâ€&#x;s. Personal Collection all cards, all new, all mine. Books by Harry Lorayne Close-Up Card Magic • Personal. Fantasystore! Harry Lorayne – Personal Collection – Master Card Set Harry Lorayne – Personal CollectionHarry Lorayne personal card magic.

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Lorayne’s lack of acknowledgement for some of the sleights and routines in this book. Inspired by Spell All Richard Vollmer However, I may be repetitive here, but the book doesn’t live up to the hype that Harry gave to me lroayne. Having written and marketed just two books myself in the past couple of years, Lorayne’s output over the decades is staggering to me.

Personal Collection (Harry Lorayne)

So, the book will reach people slowly. Can you tell me more about Larry Becker’s Stunners? I’d have gladly paid the same amount or more, for that routine alone.

Given his years in the business, his vast lorqyne, and his access to people with persoonal understanding of the literature of card magic, I was very disappointed with Mr. As a panacea for Lorayngitis, it is is World’s Beyond any other remedy. Inspired by Courtship Nick Trost In “The Magical Gambler,” again, a great routine, Lorayne merely credits along with an unnamed Paul Gordon variant “a variation of an Ed Marlo I believe cutting-to-the-aces routine”.


Incredibly Sweet Four-Card Change. Also, vague, seeming lazy efforts like, “I haven’t found this in print but I’m told that it’s based on a Larry Jennings effect” p. I have hardly read the whole thing, yet. Rising Crime assembly with Jacks, then Aces loryane up and deck is separated in reds and blacks.

Please tell us what you think and share your opinions with others. Anyway, I love the book.

Personal Collection by Harry Lorayne

I think the triple-lie location is pretty neat, although I can do without the deal-and-duck force. I think this book though, aside from the MES routine, is one of his worst books. I was expecting more. I loraynf a break two cards down i. Send him a letter and ask him!

An Ear Full of Cider.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Harry Lorayne’s Personal Collection

Illogical Double Lift Variation. I think one reason most magi hold Close Up Card Magic in such high regard is because, for a lot of us, it was one of our first “real” books.

Pure Mentalism By Nico Heinrich. Tangled Web by Eric Mead. I’d like to ask those of you who already have this book and are pleased with it to explain why you think it’s so terrific. Inspired by Dealer Wins! But I surely will.

This is it — but what an ‘it’ it is! Anyway, lets gew thte rest of the forum in on this one! The Overhand Jog Shuffle.

Personal Collection

Related to Lecture Notes Hsrry Lorayne. Acidus Novus Plus included by Al Mann. And as far as the tricks that were printed in Genii, well no offense, but I hope the book contains better! So maybe there will be some kind of book of his own material in the future, published by his son.


Inspired by Poke Poker Marty Kane I know he’s not reading this, but I send him my heartfelt gratitude for all the books, and all the joy he brought to me with his talent. Moving X By Sultan Orazaly.

I hope my boss doesn’t see this! Perhaps Best of Friends 3. The clear precursor here is Ed Marlo’s “Estimation Aces”-an extremely popular loraynee well known routine. And if Harry came out with another barry today, I’d buy it.

If any of you out there have the deluxe editions of the two Elmsley volumes, it’s easy to see that one slipcase fits and the other doesn’t. Jacks placed on top of Aces and squeezed, instantly dealt off in pairs. I know Harry is sincrely fond of the routines, but I think they are best lorayhe for magical hobbyists. Since it appears, from the handwriting on the box, and that fact that the book came wrapped in newspaper an old habit of Lorayne’sthat he is actually packing these things HIMSELF.