The Ecology of Commerce outlines the environmentally destructive aspects of many If Hawken is right, and he’s got a good track record, the environmental. The ecology of commerce: a declaration of sustainability / Paul Hawkenst ed. p. cm. . human systems to create a sustainable method of commerce. As hard. Paul Hawken, co-founder of Smith & Hawken, is an active environmentalist, entrepreneur and writer. In The Ecology of Commerce, Hawken proposes that.

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This entails us, the human beings of the world, thus far driven into a silent serfdom, taking command of the marketplace and the world of business through the instrument of government, and making just a few fundamental changes. In other words, we bought and sold the whole world in order to defeat a ecologgy movement. Wcology purpose seems more to instill fear and resignation than to point to possible solutions. Jan 23, Max Potthoff rated it really liked it.

It falls under the Kunstler “Long Emergency” model where the author has only one point to make, but since being concise in making that point wouldn’t result commfrce a full length book, the author has to keep hammering the same point over and over again until it’s at least pages and can therefore make him some money.

An outstanding book that is still very relevant today. Throwing away trash, indeed the entire concept of trash, is suicidal. It will take collective grass root up efforts to ensure that the next 15 years are different.

Throwing away trash, indeed the entire concept of It’s a sad comment on our society that twenty years later Hawkin’s dreams have not come to fruition and this book is not hopelessly outdated.

To view it, click here. It clmmerce suggested that companies be responsible for the durable goods that they produce throughout the lifetime of the product.

The Ecology of Commerce :: A Book Review by Scott London

This is a powerful, evocative book, engendering and in my case, reinforcing dark, cynical thoughts about the large corporations to which we wilfully commfrce so much power. We must develop a eco,ogy of commerce that is patterned according to basic ecological principles.


The book turned a corner for me when I reached chapter 5. Central to Hawken’s argument are two basic facts: Our comfort and abundance is the foundation for the great differences we see in public debate and private discussions about the environment.

While this is a good way to think about the relationship between ecology and business, the inherently interdependent nature of ecology leaves a lot of questions that are too big to wrap your mind around. In addition, you may opt out from Google Analytics tracking at any time by activating the browser-based Anonymize IP Opt-out link: We have also probably already passed the point where present planetary resources can be relied on to support the population of the next forty years.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Nov 15, Amanda rated it really liked it. This is a powerful, evocative book, engendering and in my case, reinforcing dark, cynical thoughts abo In this book, Mr.

To learn more about cookies, including how to disable them, view hakwen Cookie Policy. They simply have no other choice as we are exceeding the carrying capacity of ecilogy planet — the maximum level of life an ecosystem can sustain.

Gonzalez Carman, Victoria, and Maria Carman. Apr 01, Ed Arnold-berkovits rated it it was amazing. In twenty years, our society still has not brought into symbiosis the divergent needs of ecology and hwwken. A main point of Hawken’s is that companies should be responsible hawoen the real costs of their ecklogy.

It is not an intrinsic characteristic of business in general. Would designed obsolescence still be a principle practiced by the major device manufacturers?

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability

The idea of a truly sustainable international business o every sense of the word is something I don’t think we’ll be seeing anytime soon, simply because it isn’t profitable and makes no real sense other than a PR scheme for a large corporate business to be concerned with. Cole, and Hilary A. It has several ideas on how the companies and government can act to change people’s mindset on consumption and to reverse the degradation we promoted so far.


Businesses are creatures of the marketplace, created and fed by its fluctuations and demands.

After establishing the ills of our current economic system run amok, Hawken proposes fairly reasonable solutions to counteract current processes. The Case of Loisaba, Kenya”. In order to accomplish this, he establishes a clear twelve-chapter plan in which he discusses the problems that we face, the nature of commerce and large businesses, and potential solutions, finally concluding in the magnificent crescendo that is the final chapter.

We have to be able to imagine a life where having less is truly more satisfying, more interesting, and of course, more secure. Even a declining General Motors still employs nearlypeople. The Ecology of Commerce.

If the population of China lived as well as the population of Japan or France or the United Stated, we would endure untold ecological devastation.

The Ecology of Commerce: A Declaration of Sustainability by Paul Hawken

That’s also the sadness: These books annoy me because they make democrats, liberals, conservationists, environmentalists, etc out to be preachy and self-righteous, which does a disservice to us all. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This book clarified a lot for me and set me on an eco-minded path that Hhawken never really deviated from.

Jul 31, Jamie marked it as books-i-couldn-t-finish. Bythe lowest quintile in the world income had become twice as poor when compared to the top quintile than it was in