with the Instruction Manual and Product Precautionary Markings will be repaired Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI Model CLAMP ON HiTESTER. This manual provides service information for the manual accompanying the instrument. DIGITAL MULTIMETER (HIOKI) or equivalent. Thank you for purchasing the HIOKI “, , DIGITAL. HiTESTER.” . The specifications in this manual include figures for “measurement accuracy”.

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An ebay find made its way into the lab- an industrial quality DMM from Hioki, made in ! The meter has some pretty good specs as shown in this datasheet:. The batteries held their voltage until I tried turning the meter on, then they sagged. Still remarkable condition and lack of leaks after almost 30 years.


Repair and Calibration – Hioki

Attempting to insert modern AA batteries is met with a bit of resistance. They seem to have grown fatter over the last 30 years? Binding posts are bolted to the board and loctited.


Current shunt is in front. An interesting switch that gets pressed when the selector knob is in a particular position. Unfortunately,further board removal would require desoldering multiple leads and I was not about to do that to a functioning vintage meter.

Leakage should be pretty small: All functions appear to function with the exception of the AC voltage and current. An eevblog forum thread for this post could be used for comments. I bought one just like in I have one since and has been my partner school and work throughout this time and still works perfectly.

Model of multimeter is Hioki. This is my first digital multimeter, I bought insome years later I fall seduced by Fluke charming. I have this since when i was 10 years old.

1 x Multi Meter, Hioki Model 3200 hand held with probes and 1 x Level trans

Your email address will not be published. Probes with safety tips included.

Stand works pretty well. Two non-arching fuses HRC?


Spare fuse to the rescue. Quite a force is required to fit newer batteries in.

Vintage DMM- Hioki | KuzyaTech

Top of the board with back cover removed. No idea who made the chip. Measuring one AA cell- clear 300 crisp display. Diode test- measures forward voltage and beeps rather loudly.

Still I have thos meter and work like new. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.