Find great deals on eBay for Historex in Military Soldiers and Figures Models and Kits. Shop with confidence. Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars produced by Historex. HISTOREX figures. The black and white line drawings also from M Leliepvre are from the catalogue. All Catalogs are old and to my best knowlegde obsolete. They are Fermé depuis , tentative de reconstruction de catalogue 17 Jan . Historex. pdf.

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Le Site officiel – NCO Historex

Long ago, a friend of mine and I were avid model builders, mostly tanks and airplanes. Tamiya comes to mind as a brand that substantially contributed to mass availability and high quality of plastic military model kits.

We caatlogue “sparked” to build World War II Bistorex panzers and Japanese aircraft of such high quality that the hobby industry moved from the ancient days of plastic Aurora kits to modern museum-quality military miniatures. However, soon, competition grew quite rapidly and that was good for modelers.

A few companies, Tamiya being one, spent a little more effort on differentiating their products by spending development money of military miniature figures to accompany their 1: The fascination with painting figures began for me cataloguw these kits.


However, these kits were relatively expensive compared to, say, a Panzer III with crew supplemented by a box of Afrika Korps infantry. Was their alternative historical periods?


Then I discovered Historex 54mm plastic figures. For the price then and now, the best value for the money.

Although the line was and still is dominated by the French side of the Napoleonic WarsI jumped in. I myself to paint in oils and especially concentrated as I always do on the most incredibly difficult models. For Historex and for me fatalogue the time, it was painting the horse.

I’m satisfied to say that today, I cataloue paint horses in oils. I painted well over Historex foot and mounted figures before I opened the doors of Historical Miniatures back in Over the years, my growing collector base have largely demanded metal figures. The most common reason was, “I like the heft weight “! As a modeler or modeller as they spell it in the UKI have a respectful remembrance of those early modeling years.

I sold most of my early catzlogue but still have a collection of about 50 of them. I look at them often. Over the years, I have done a few for collectors.

HM Historex NCO Index Page

I have a recent commission to do one of each of the regiments of the Union Brigade at the Battle of Waterloo Coincidental with this project, was the need to review my large Historex spare parts inventory from historrex I could build two of the kits and purchase the third. I needed a few more spare parts and that process re-opened catslogue Historex NCO question: My biggest concern was would they sell as kits, spares, and painted by me.


The answer was, “I don’t care. These kits are as interesting to me now as they were back in the 70s.


Of course, their rather large line of Napoleonic figures is the mainstay, – For the longest time, Historex NCO ignored alternate 54mm heads and so did everyone else. There were always hundreds of 1: This problem limited the visual effect of scratch-built and kit-modified works of art.

I will be offering spares including heads from all available manufacturers. So, this process of organizing my reference library, setting up my database, and creating my web pages for Historex NCO has taken me months but I am ready.