La treponematosis en la historia de Colombia. Rev. Inmersa. 1 (2) APUNTES DE HISTORIA DE LA MEDICINA. Introducción a la Paleopatología. Paleopatologia & Paleoepidemiologia. Epidemiologia de Atenase história de doenças, possibilidades elimites: Ocaso do sscorbuto e da peste de Atenas. HISTORIA DE LA PALEOPATOLOGÍA ANDINA. Wed, September 11, , PM. Centro Cultural de San Marcos: Av. Nicolás de Piérola – Parque.

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Am J Pathol Some dense material appeared in the esophagus lumen Fig.

Cangrande della Scala | La mummia di Cangrande della Scala, signore di Verona

Maxillary sinuses were partially occupied by dense, diversified materialas a possible result of chronic sinusitis. Abdominal CT showed a good preservation of the liver, positioned paleopatologix the right thoracic cavity, with dd typical anatomic shape Fig.

The liver was highly positioned in the right thoracic cavity under the hemidiaphragm, and showed a typical anatomic shape, with a transversal diameter of 30 cm, antero-posterior diameter of 15 cm, and weight of g Fig.

Pathologists and the autopsy.

Histology of the right lung showed areas of collapsed alveoli with fibrosis and fibro-hyaline nodular formations, surrounded by massive anthracosis Figs. In order to avoid damage to the mummy, autopsy was performed by a circular opening of the abdomen, from the sternum to the pubis, which allowed us to reach the abdominal and thoracic cavities Fornaciari, La treponematosis en la historia de Colombia.


La morte e il corredo di un principe nel medioevo europeo. In the Middle Ages chamomile was largely used by os as sedative and antispasmodic drug, and black mulberry was used as astringent; instead foxglove was considered only a poisonous plant.

Giovanni dalle Bande Nere. Immunochemical analysis of extracts of feces and liver revealed the presence of toxic concentrations of digoxin and digitoxin, equivalent to several dozens of nanograms per gram, with presence of Digitalis pollen in the feces.

Rev Med Hondur 77 3: Medicina UPB 17 1: Primi risultati dello studio paldopatologia della mummia di Cangrande. Misura di digossina e digitossina su campioni biologici del secolo XV. The rotulae appeared laterally dislocated owing to a typical taphonomic process of initial decomposition in an empty space.

The incisors showed some enamel hypoplasia lines. Mild arthritis of the column, elbows and hips, as well as meniscus calcification of the knees, could be related to the paleopwtologia physical activity of the Prince, who was a knight and soldier.

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Sistema OJS – Metabiblioteca. Arch Pathol Lab Med Bulletin of the paleopatollgia Hwalth organization Evidence leans towards deliberate murder by poisoning. Histology of the aorta revealed some small atheromatous plaques on the luminal surface. Studia Medyczne ; The hair was curly and brown. Cosa si cela dentro il monumento funebre di Jacopo Della Quercia?


Administration of a brew or foxglove decoction designed to cure or, more likely, to poison the prince, was almost certainly responsible for this acute and fatal intoxication. I Frantoi nell’Italia Romana. Proposal for a national autopsy data bank.

Imaging digital X-ray and CAT and autopsy studies of the well-preserved natural mummy of Cangrande showed a good preservation of the internal organs and liver, as well as the feces in the rectum. The cranial cavity revealed a good preservation of the menynx Fig. Publicado Jul 2, The viscera appeared totally collapsed on the posterior wall, forming a homogeneous layer of hsitoria 5 cm. Le mummie Aragonesi di San Domenico Na. Rumors paleeopatologia poisoning immediately started to spread.

Laboratorio Cangrande della Scala.