Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) (09/05/18) / Species Spotlight – Aquarists have been describing certain species as holy grails for. Scientific Name, Holacanthus clarionensis. Reef Compatible, No. Care Level, Intermediate. Disposition, Semi-aggressive. Minimum Tank Size, gallons. Latin name, Holacanthus clarionensis – Gilbert, Common name, Clarion angelfish. Family, Pomacanthidae – Holacanthus. Origin, East Pacific. Max length .

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A good rule of thumb is ten gallons per one inch of angel. Here are some suggestions to increase the chances of success: The genus Holacanthus “grooved spine” includes eight described species, four each in the tropical Atlantic and Pacific. Nordic Reef – Kasper Hareskov Tygesen. Conditions Habitat The larger the better and with plenty O’ nooks and crannies. Holacanthus clarionensis is a case study in how a small, geographically restricted population can become dramatically different in appearance.

Clarion Angelfish Holacanthus clarionensis. Intertidal specimens, as you might surmise are more tolerant compared to deeper water types.

Especially Zoathus are swiftly eaten by the larger species. Clarions enjoy being the alpha fish of the system, will fight with their own kind and other angels of similar size. Available here by Holaxanthus Bob Fenner.


Encyclopedia angelfishes Holacanthus clarionensis Source: These fish should be kept in a well run aquarium where they can “graze” algae from rocks and stones. Click on “framed” images to go to the larger size.

Shallow to one hundred or so feet. Infectious, Parasitic, Nutritional, Genetic, Social. A dentist by profession, Dr. Its at this small volcanic archipelago, roughly in the middle of nowhere in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, that a bright orange angelfish came into existence.


IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Forgot your username or password? One should of course avoid the most aggressive species.

Also relevant to this discussion is the legendary Clipperton Angelfish H. He rightly suggests greens make up fifty percent plus of foods offered.

It’s my opinion that more success is met with relatively higher for aquariums densities, 1. This species may be a threat to some types of invertebrates. Most of the SPS corals can be kept with Angelfish. A few damsels as dither fish are recommended. I’ll throw in my usual directions to the oriental foods section, department, or specialty outlet for algae and other “greens” prep.

From a distance it…. Clarions are members of the marine angelfish family Pomacanthidae, presently divided into seven genera.

This is based on a medium size animal, which you want to keep for several years. This same sort of behavior can be seen among some of the tangs and surgeonfishes with a similar diet, and is likely a shared adaptation for avoiding the aggressive and territorial Stegastes damselfishes. Campbell mentions the need for sufficient dietary vegetable material to prevent blindness due to Vitamin A deficiency. Torn, severely punctured and generally thrashed specimens I’ve had good luck treating with fresh water dips heavily laden with “furan” compounds, especially Nitrofurazone.

holacanthus clarionensis Archives – Reef Builders | The Reef and Marine Aquarium Blog

Last week, Quality Marine received a hand full of aquaculture specimens after not having any since Especially the smaller ones are very quarrelsome. Species whose life-habits are tied more closely to less-than broad, read that euryhaline, conditions will not do well under similar regimens as their symbionts. Increasing the clarionenwis of cultured species we offer to our customers is an integral part of making the aquarium trade more sustainable.


In this case, a “normal” aquarium is a reef aquarium with mixed corals or a fish only aquarium with an approximately salinity of 1. Requires a varied diet This species must be fed with an appropriately varied diet. Broad-spectrum, gram negative antibiotics blended into food as follow-up have apparently helped. The Clarion Angel, Holacanthus clarionensis Gilbert, While small clraionensis angelfish are cheap enough that you m….

Taxonomy, Relation With Other Groups Clarions are members of the marine angelfish family Pomacanthidae, presently divided into seven genera. General to Specific This is a model species in the way of uncanny good health and behavioral adaptability.

Aquarium Fish Magazine, August The images in this table are linked to large desktop size copies. I’ve observed spawning in the Spring and Fall in the Islas Revillagigedos volcanic group. One note regarding this species that bears mentioning: It is however possible to build up a mixed coral aquarium with Angelfish.

It might be possible to keep smaller specimens for a limited period in a smaller tank. Do yourself and your livestock clariinensis favor and leave out nutritional placebos like various lettuces.