Honeywell RMA On-Off Primary Burner Control: Hvac Controls: : Industrial & Scientific. Find great deals for Honeywell Rm a Rev D Burner Control RMA Shop with confidence on eBay!. The RMA by Honeywell is a microprocessor based integrated primary burner control for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner.

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The control will wait two minutes for this fault to clear. There is no 24 VAC low voltage source available in any Series control. There is no powered terminal 21 on the RMA and B.

RM7890A1015 Honeywell BURNER CONTROL

Initiate was explained in the preceding question. Yes, but a relay will have honwywell be added. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Clipping a jumper enhances the level of safety. Forgot User Name or Password? On the RMA and B terminal 8, pilot, is an intermittent pilot. How long should pre-purge be? The burner will immediately shut down, and lockout will occur.


Honeywell does not recommend even trying to restore a clipped jumper. Honeywell actually tested to overcycles!

The SA display does not have to be wired to the SA. General Questions Applying to all Series Q. Yes, order part number Note that timings for initiate, standby, purge, run, and post purge, are identical for all models.

Honeywell RMA Burner Control | Acme Controls

Second, note that the jumpers are not just wires. The RMA and C do not have this feature.

Mechanical relays are still used, but the coils and contacts are sealed to prevent dirt, dust, grease, or any contaminant from affecting them. The burner will post purge. Component Recognized, File No. If using a 7 second purge timer, it must close in 7 seconds. The C also has a fixed pilot of 10 seconds. If the circuit remains closed for the two minutes, the RMB and D will lockout. They wire the same and functionally, are the same. Wire the relay coil and thermostat contacts in series on the low voltage side of the transformer.


There are 50 HZ controls available. The only difference is that the RM includes an SA display module and the RM has only a dust cover where a display can go.

Can a RM be used with a standing pilot? Can a low voltage controller be used with the RM?

Can I reconnect a JR jumper on a relay that I mistakenly cut? Does the SA display have any control of the relay functions? Provides level of safety, functional capability and homeywell beyond conventional controls. This prevents continuous purge, should the airflow switch fail open. How long can initiate last? Pilot Type intermittent Vibration 0.