The Boat Anchor Manual Archive Path: /hp/a/. This is the BAMA archive. These manuals are available for download and free of charge. I am now accepting. View and Download HP A operating and service manual online. DIGITAL VOLTMETER. A Measuring Instruments pdf manual download. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A Operating And Service Manual.

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The 1- volt and volt full-scale specifications can be tested using the DC Transfer Standard also recommended in the pro- cedure.

HP A Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

The following paragraphs describe circuit operation for the various auto-cal measurements. Rack Mounting By depress- ing the Decrease 2 button on the front panel, the display rate can be decreased.

The feedback path for the1 10 Mf2 Reference Measurements. Remote Operation Recommended Test Equipment The SA is programmed by means of data messages sent over the Bus from the controller. The cal constant measurement can be aborted a number of times, depending on the function of the instrument. The A Adjustments must be performed in the sequence in which they are presented. When the Auto-Cal function is disabled to obtain faster reading rates, it is recommend- ed to periodically return the 34SSA to the Auto-Cal mode in order to update the cal constants.


Only the system controller can send the Abort message. Full scale output of the converter is 6. If the guard terminal is left open, common- mode voltages may exceed the LO-io-Guard breakdown rating and mannual the instru- ment. During the offset error measurement all input switches to the inte- grator are opened.

HP A Digital Voltmeter Operaiting & SERVICE Manual | eBay

In addition, backdating information contained in Section VII adapts the manual to instruments with serial numbers lower than those listed on the title page.

Self-Test Operation Be sure to maintain null when the Reference Dividers output is changed.

This equation simplifies to: Attenuator switching is performed by reed relays which are controlled by the inguard controller. Inguard Troubleshooting Procedure Diagram.

DC Preamplifier Figure shows the circuit configuration for making the. Detailed Description Also, be sure the proper fuse is installed. A typical hl quence would be an input reading, one cal constant measurement, another input reading, the next cal cons- tant measurement, and so on. Typical Operating Characteristics Cont’d.


HP3455A teardown – part 1 – calibration module and the backside

However, if the dc standard is 0. The front panel manyal should read. Auto Cal switch – allows the Auto-Cal feature to be turn- ed on or off.

At each setting, the A reading should be within the Test Limits given in the table. The following illustrates the status Byte message in- dicating the purpose of each relevant “bit”.

The following example illustrates how to read the numbers stored in the Y and Z register from the Bus: The test limits given in the tables for the dc, ac and ohms ac- curacy manial do not include temperature coefficients.

HP 3455A Operating And Service Manual

3455aa inverter circuit is used to derive power for the ohms converter. Figure illustrates the circuit configuration for this measurement. The error equation becomes: Uprange the dc standard to the I XX V range. Power Supplies Schematic 11 8-G The rectified signals are summed to provide ac feedback for the Con- verter Amplifier.