This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and. A. • Test frequencies – 10 kHz to 10 MHz. • Test signal level – 1 mV to 1 V rms. • % basic AUTO MANUAL DOWN UP. SELF. TEST The A operates over a frequency range of Hz to kHz ually or under HP-IB control. The HP A and HP A Multi-frequency LCR Meters, microprocessor- based impedance . Trigger: internal, external or manual. Measurement terminals.

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For middle range impedances, this reasoning still applies, but the-effects are less pronounced. A terminal marked with this symbol must be connected to ground in the manner described in the installation operating manual, and before operating the equipment.

When LINE button is depressed to turn instrument on, the A exhibits the normal test result of initial function test by a left to right progression of the figure B.

Because of the non-linear impedance characteristics of semiconductor devices, a semiconductor measurement is subject to exact establishment of the test conditions to make measured values meaningful. Error in dc bias operation: Installed option content is momentari- ly displayed in 4275w front panel display just after the initial function test is performed to let users know what options are available in the instrument. To span the entire inductance and capacitance range of the instrument, the 8 basic ranges cover 9 virtual ranges depending on the value of the measured parameters and the test fre- quency setting.

While monitoring the values on the display, the test signal level and test frequency may be chosen so that these values can be set near those of the normal operating conditions of the device under test. The overall characteristics of sample can be clarified from these kinds of measurements. The dotted curve in the figure is a graph for manuwl magnetic material which has a high hysteresis coefficient such as that of a ferrite core.


Moreover, another stray capacitance appears in the measuring circuit when a sample is connected to the test fixture.

Full text of “HP: A Operating”

Note DC bias is applied to sample through an internal 50kJ resis- tor. Figure C shows typical manaul of LCR components. To keep this manual as current and accurate as possible, Hewlett-Packard recommends that you periodically request the latest Manual Changes supplement.

Alternating current power line. Furthermore, by using the appro- priate test levels and frequencies as test parameters, a particular characteristic mannual a change in value of the sample can be repre- sented mankal such as is done to char- acterize an inductor with a highly permeable core, a transformer or other devices over their operating ranges.

External DC Bias Circuits sheet 2 of 4. Connect a shorting strap to test fixture. Typical Characteristics of Test Fixtures and Leads.


Dissipation Factor Equations The microfiche package also includes the latest manual changes supplement as well as all pertinent service notes. Test Signal Level Monitor Data 3 – This figure appears when Memory Back- up Option is installed.

During the warranty period, Hewlett-Packard Company will, at its option, either repair or replace products which prove to be defective. These measurement errors increase in proportion to the square of the test signal frequency. When phase angle 6 changes, both Re and X change in accord with the definitions above.

Four terminal pair configuration high and low terminals for current and potential terminals with guard terminal. Hewlett-Packard recommends that you periodically request the latest edition of this supplement.

External Triggering The following parameters are included: HP B Descri ption Test Fixture direct attachment type mannual general measurement of both axial and radial lead components. When you push the button, the pushbutton lamp lights and the diagnostic test is initiated. DC Bias Connector The Model A, in particular, is an advanced LCR meter which makes high frequency component measurements simple and much easier.


When dissipation factor of a very low loss sample is measured, a negative value within allowable measurement error limits such as, for example, Figure shows the available power cords, which may be used in various countries including 4257a standard power cord furnished with the instrument.

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Installed option contents are dis- played as shown below: Self Test Basic Operating Check. Initial Display and Indications The correct dis- sipation factor is calculated by the follow- ing equation: These pushbuttons select ranging method for inductance, capa- citance, resistance or impedance measurements.

Test signal level mo nitor: For 4275s internal dc bias volt- age of A option or in three digits set into control switch. Note Use lowest possible test signal level which meets measurement accuracy requirement. The effects of the residual factors can be expressed as shown in Figure Two A delta key functions excute capacitance, inductance, resistance, and impedance devia- tion measurements. H; Test 4257a OptionOption Paragraphs to OOMHz XI These initial settings establish the general capacitance measurement conditions applicable to a broad range of capacitance measurements.

Wrap instrument in heavy paper or plastic. Test Signal Level and Frequencies.

X, B, L and C measurements are possi- ble in R measurements. The instrument is equipped with a three-conductor ac power cable.

Fasten it to the rear panel with the two screws Measured L, C, R or jZ! Meas- ured sample values include factors which vary such values because of electromagnetic effects such as the kanual skin effect of a conductor, the general characteristics of ferromagnetic inductor cores, and effects of dielectric materials in capacitors.