HP 8552B PDF

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Operating HP T Spectrum Analyser

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of ” HP: Please note that Hewlett- Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and chemical analysis businesses are now part of Agilent Technologies.

To reduce potential confusion, the only change to product numbers and names has been in the company name prefix: For example, model number HP is now hhp number Agilent Contacting Agilent Sales and Service Offices The sales and service contact information in this manual may be out of date.

The latest service and contact i nformation for your location can be found on the Web at: In any correspondence or telephone conversation, refer to your instrument by its model number and full serial number. This is a Safety Class I instrument. To ensure safe operation and to keep the instrument safe, the information, cautions, and warnings in this manual must be heeded.


Refer to Section I for general safety considerations applicable to this instru- ment. The Hewlett-Packard Company further certifies that its calibration meas- urements are traceable to the U. This warranty applies for one year from the date of delivery.

Hewlett- Packard will repair or replace products which prove to be defective during the warranty period provided they are returned to Hewlett-Packard. No other warranty is expressed or implied. We are not liable for consequential damages. Service contracts or customer assistance agreements are available for Hewlett-Packard products that require maintenance and repair on-site.

Instruments Covered by Manual Equipment Required but not Supplied RF Section Display Section Equipment Available 1- Shipping Information Initial Inspection Mechanical Check Performance Check Claims for Damage Power Requirements Installation Check Storage and Shipment Original Packaging 2- Panel Features Operational Adjustments H04 Instruments Operating Instructions Operating Tips 3- Front Panel Checks Performance Tests Front Panel Check Procedure Preset Adjustments IF Section Display Adjustments.

Calibrator Output Bandwidth Accuracy Bandwidth Selectivity Switching Between Bandwidths Accuracy Equipment Required Posidriv Screwdrivers Slug Tuning Tools HP A Service Kit Plug-in Cover Removal Extender Connections Related Adjustments Checks and Adjustments Power Supply Check and Adjustment.

Spectrum Analyzer System T / B Equipment Hewlett-Pack

Horizontal Scan Check and Adjustment Final Scan Check Vertical Deflection Amplifier Check. LC Filter Adjustment Crystal Filter Fine Adjustment.


Crystal Filter Coarse Adjustment. Analogic Check and Adjustment.

Introduction 7- 5. Maintenance Aids Test Equipment and Accessories Required. General Procedures General Service Information Etched Circuits Component Replacement Transistor Replacement Diode Replacement Block Diagram 2. Amplifier 8552b Control Circuits.

Crystal Filter Sheet 1. Crystal Filter Sheet 2.

HP Agilent Mainframe 141T Display 8555a Spectrum Analyzer RF 8552b If Section

Deflection Amplifier Scan Generator and Trigger Circuits Scan Driver and Pen Lift Driver Analogic Circuit Vertical Gain Adjustment Calibrator Amplitude Test Setup Calibrator Frequency Check Test Setup Scan Time Accuracy Test Setup 4- 7. Scan Time Modulation Peaks 5- 1. Scan Voltage Waveform Measurement Vertical Deflection Amplifier Test Setup.

Crystal Filter Bypass Network Search Waveform Deflection Amplifier Part of Change H. Diagram of Modular Exchange Program. Examples of Diode and Transistor Marking Methods Integrated Circuit Packaging Evolution of Straight-Line Switch Presentation.

Three Positions of Typical Switch Wafers. Simplified Block Diagram Video Filter Assembly All Scan Time Switch Assembly A9. Crystal Filter 1 of 2 Deflection Amplifier Figure Page Scan Generator and Trigger Circuits.