I PUKITANI, A GRAND OPERA, WITH AN ENGLISH VERSION, THB MUSIC BY BELLINI. [OOPYRIG-HT.] . Coro di Puritani dentro la Fortezza. La campana. I puritani (The Puritans) is an opera in three acts by Vincenzo Bellini. It was his last opera. Its libretto is by Count Carlo Pepoli, based on Têtes rondes et. from Act I, Scene 3 of the Italian opera I Puritani by Vincenzo Bellini. Libretto: Count Carlo Pepoli Son vergin vezzosa, Elvira’s aria from I Puritani Ah sì. Oh, yes.

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Chi f renar il pianto pu6! Ah V arrestate, per me sangue non versate! What mean these words? And may ever thee behold In mirth and harmless wiles. Scaccia onnai pensier si nero! Thou makest die two victims, And, wherever thou shalt go, Their shades will most surely follow thee! I’ll preserve thee, or with thee perish. Franco Vassallo; Sir Giorgio Walton: Speak, what is’t you wish?

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He pleaded guilty in the letter to Florimo in March noting that librretto city’s attractions were immense. A joyful day is near ; Let hearts to joy be giv’n! Segue a proclamare li Decreti del Parlamento. Cromwell has issued a pardon for all prisoners. Dear Arthur, then, returned Still faithful unto me! The more I look on her the more I grieve me, And far greater grows my love, With hate of him who dared bereave me Of treasure the world not elsewhere knows. Sulla verginea testa d’ una f elice tin bianco vel s’ addice, e mi non gia.


What a beautiful fond spirit Did a rival from me take!

Come to the wedding! Te alia inorte eondanno. Qual mai t’ attende, o Artur, pena infinita!

At daybreak, the Puritan soldiers gather in anticipation of victory over the Royalists. Ah, rendetemi la speme, O lasciatemi morir!

Elvira, mia diletta, son presta al tuo pregar. The Parliament, on being informed of the escape of Queen Henrietta, confiscated the estates of Lord Walton, but afterwards restored them to him, in the conviction that he had not knowingly been a participator in the escape.

After a while she smiles, and her look with the quick- ness of insanity] becomes cheerful. Sempre eguali ha i luoghi e l’ore L’infelice trovator.

Forever have I lost you, flower of love, oh my hope; ah! La vidi errante tra belliji piante Per le sue case gridando va. Senza speme ed amoi In questa vita, or che rimane a me?

Can I depict it? When he wrote to Pepoli that his “liberal bent. Hunted by the soldiers of Cromwell, the luckless knight nevertheless gets access to his beloved, when he for the first time becomes cognisant of her gad condition, and the cause of it.


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J II di Tore avanza! The compact is fixed, If Arthur is defenceless Rich. Poi, dopo il grido all’ arme die si ripete den- tro la scena, si sente battere la generale. The puuritani in healing science testify That a great sudden joy, or equal woe, Might re-establish reason.

I Puritani

Riccardo brings the news that Arturo is now a fugitive who has been condemned to death by Parliament for allowing Enrichetta to escape. Deh, sii possente sul traditor! Elvira P Ah, no, no! The poor maiden appears insane.

I puritani (Bellini, Vincenzo) – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Librefto mia canzon d’ amore? Piu la miro, ho piu doglia prof on da, E piu 1′ alma s’ accende in amor! La campana del forte suona a stormo: One Shilling and Sixpence.

My soul is on fire but ’tis with love!

Tua f avella ormai [Quasi sdegnandosi.