The story from II Pecorone centres on the adventures of a young man called Giannetto,l who corresponds to Shakespeare’s. Bassanio. He is the godson of a. Appendix 4: Il Pecorone. IL PECORONE is a collection of tales by Ser Giovanni. It was written in Italian at the end of the. 14th Century and printed in Milan in. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. into English by W. G. Waters; choicely illus. by E. R. Hughes. Main Author: Giovanni, Fiorentino, 14th cent. Related.

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It has all the buffo character of those verses which writers of the fifteenth century were accustomed to place on the opening pages of their books.

And when she shall hear pecoone I am dead, and that she may never see me more, of a truth she will die a thousand deaths. In the harbour the next morning, when the news was spread that a fine ship had come into port, all the people flocked to see her, and it was told likewise to the lady, who forthwith sent for Giannetto.

Giannetto kept constant watch to espy the port where the lady dwelt, which was known as the port of the lady of Belmonte [2]and, having pecorpne one night up to the entrance thereof, which was in an arm of the sea, he suddenly recognized it, and bade them turn the sails and steer into it in such fashion that his friends on board the pfcorone ships might know naught of what he did.

Ser Giovanni is certainly much more successful in the construction of his stories than in the setting which he devised for them.

Il Pecorone

Next, after much chatting and diversion, Pcorone said to the lady, I pray you get to bed ; ‘ whereupon she straightway undressed herself and did as he directed. On this jl I want you to do me a great service, to wit, that you will sew for me with your own hands a shirt which I may send to my son, who has begged me for a gift of the same. In what manner the city of Florence was built Novel II.

There was once in Florence, in the house of the Scali, a certain mer- chant called Bindo, who had sailed many times to Tana, near to Alex- andria, and had likewise adventured in those other long voyages which are made for the sake of traffic. The dignity of duke was not — according to Professor de Gubernatis — assumed till the yearand he holds that this anticipation proves the story in question to have been written after, and not before, this date.


What is the reason of this? He sought her at every merrymaking and wedding in the city, and he was ill pleased with any day which might pass without letting him behold her.

Then marvel not, O reader, if you find The book and writer of the self-same kind. Galgano is enamoured of Madonna Minoccia, wife of Messer Stricca. In the city of Forli, in Romagna, there was a certain monastery where dwelt a prioress and several sisters, all women of holy, upright, and perfect lives, and amongst them was one called Sister Saturnina, who was in the flower of her youth, and as well-mannered, prudent, and fair to look upon as nature could have made pecoronf.

Nor was any feast ever given to which he was not bidden. Would to God that he were our ruler! There lived once in Florence pecotone very fair lady named Madonna Isabella, the wife of one Lapo, a rich merchant. You know that a few days agone you passed hereby with your hawk, and when my husband saw you he was fain that you should sup with us, but you refused.

Il Pecorone – Oxford Reference

When they had seen everything there was to be seen up to her bosom, and had let their eyes have free course so as to assure themselves what sweet pleasure might be had with such a lady, Buondelmonte put out the light, and, taking hold of Acciaiuolo, led him forth from the room, having promised him that he should have the lady with him before night.

They all repair to the tomb, where the youth is found alive. After a pecroone time he steals therefrom a cup of gold; and, having gone back thither, he falls into a cauldron of boiling pitch. Bucciolo and Pietro Paolo go to study at Bologna. This view was suggested by Manni in his ” Ulustrazione del Boccaccio,” but is scarcely a possible one. There are extant three MSS. The evidence that they were one and the same person is not conclusive, but Landau’s suggestion is at least worth notice.

I would rather have what this bond says is my due. He becomes an eagle, and flies up to her balcony, li he pecornoe more resumes his shape. After hearing these words of the host the doctor let publish a notice through all the state of Venice, setting forth how all those with any question of law to settle should repair to him.


The Jew now cried out that he would take fifty thousand; but the doctor answered, ‘I would not give you the meanest coin you ever had in your pouch.

I gave her but one loving tender sign. Fiorentino, Il Pecorone 3. The master followed the next moment, and began to knock and make a great uproar ; whereupon the lady immediately put out the light and made Bucciolo get behind her as she stood in the passage.

Once there came iil from Florence a youth whose name was Giannetto. One favour I beg of you, which is, that if perchance you should again miscarry, you will return hither, so that I may see you again before I die; then I shall be content to depart; ‘ and Giannetto answered that he would do all things which him seemed were agreeable to Messer Ansaldo’s wishes.

I’ll die for’t but some woman ;ecorone the ring.

Nevertheless, I will see that, if you are so minded, you shall have her in your own house to-morrow night, when you may take with her what- soever pleasure you” list. It was moreover told to him how divers gallants jousted to gain her love ; wherefore he bought him horses and implements for jousting, and, having clad himself in rich and honourable fashion, and put in his purse money enough, and betaken himself to Florence, he began to scatter his gold and to consort with the young gallants of the city.

And all these directions pedorone carried out to the full. And they made high festival with jousting, and sword-play, and dancing, and singing, in which all the barons and ladies present at the court took part. Buondelmonte replied, f Madonna, I fare well enough now that I have won your good- will.

This bond doth give thee here no jot of blood: Giannetto tarried some time pecorrone the house of his friend, who went one day to see Messer Ansaldo, and found him in very melancholy mood. There you will certainly find him, for he will come in the hope of meeting me, jl you will know that this story is true. The Pecorone of Ser Giovanni, now first tr. He has no son of his own, and has written to me more than once to send you to pscorone moreover, I must tell you that he is the richest pecotone all the Christian merchants.