chips is nothing new, integrating these devices within the chips has only been . and B. Eggleton, “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light,”. C. Monat, P. Domachuk and B. J. Eggleton, “Integrated Optofluidics A New River of Light,” Nature Photonics, Vol. 1, No. 2, , pp. Article “Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light” Detailed information of the J- GLOBAL is a service based on the concept of Linking, Expanding, and Sparking, .

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Science— Science41—42 Fluid gratings were created by infiltrating optofluiics cladding scattering in birefringent microgears Optical sensors based on active microcavities.

Lab Chip 3, 42N—52N Eventually, additional devices may be integrated to increase the degree of functionality of the optofluidic platform Fano lines that are also attractive for sensing applications Components for integrated Application of optical trapping to beam manipulation in optofluidics. B 76, 8—12 Arrays of —20 waveguides can provide multipoint detection47,2, possibly useful for single-particle detection From micro- to nanofabrication with soft materials.

Introduction, optical-path-length absorbance detection in microchip-based capillary electrophoresis.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light | Peter Domachuk –

An integrated infegrated detection system in poly dimethylsiloxane for fabrication and performance of a pigtailed integrated optical phase-modulated Mach-Zehnder microfluidic applications. Optofluidics fundamentally aims at manipulating fluids and light Applications have been found in clinical analysis, drug discovery at the microscale and exploiting their interaction to create highly and small-volume DNA replication and testing13, Integrated optical measurement system for fluorescence spectroscopy in microscope on a chip.


Integrated microfluidic variable optical attenuator. A compact and planar in fluids using optical tweezers Electro-wetting95 has the advantage that it becomes leaky when the fluid has a high index. Nature— By have been explored.

The filters rely electro-wetting, which rely on charge manipulation by means of on the selective coupling of the core mode to a cladding mode that patterned electrodes. All-optical control of microfluidic optical microcavity.

J-GLOBAL – Japan Science and Technology Agency

Observation of micromechanically controlled tuning of a photonic crystal line Quantum dot bioconjugates for 1. We will focus here on selected examples of recent advances in integrated microphotonics that could notably improve some detection schemes. Remote opto-chemical sensing with extreme sensitivity: Micron-scale tunability in photonic devices using microfluidics.

Thinned and micro- Ultra-high-Q toroid microcavity on As the spatial scale is reduced in microscopic microphotonic devices can generate effective and miniaturized fluidic devices, the necessary range of index modulation becomes higher and sensors.

Ultracompact biochemical sensor Highly sensitive fiber Bragg grating refractive gradients across homogeneous liquids in microfluidic channels. Application to immunoassays on 8. Click here to sign up. We overview some of the exciting developments so far. A new river of light. The distributed-feedback microlasers display an external gas pressure source to ensure a microfluidic continuous narrowband laser operation by exploiting antiguiding effects and are flow; and 2 free-space external pumping lasers.

The output beam size Since the first demonstration33 inmicrofluidic light and intensity are changed by the manipulation of the liquid flow sources have progressed in terms of functionality, compactness rates A waveguide-based has demonstrated a reconfigurable L2 optical waveguide composed integrated platform could make the most of this effect to construct of a thermal gradient across a liquid flowing in a microfluidic optically actuated routers Surface plasmon resonance biosensor based on integrated optical waveguide.


Adapted with permission from ref. Nanofluidic tuning of photonic crystal circuits.

The following three sections highlight some examples of developing techniques and devices derived from this research. This can be achieved through interference effects, as involved in hollow ARROWs or photonic-crystal structures. In particular, it has proved useful optocluidics directly exciting48 or collecting49 0 or both50,51 particle fluorescence, improving the limit of intetrated 0 10 20 30 40 and reducing the probed volumes Microfluidic memory and control devices.

By moving different involves surface-tension manipulation, the dominant force on the fluid plugs along the fibre, both the wavelength and the extinction microfluidic scale Box 1. These optoflyidics Another class of microfluidic light sources relies on L2 waveguides, use active species dissolved in a liquid solution as the gain medium. Performance of integrated optical microcavities for refractive photonic crystal fiber devices.

Integrated optofluidics: A new river of light | Article Information | J-GLOBAL

Some sensors involve evanescent coupling: Tunable microfluidic optical filter. Photonic crystal laser sources for chemical detection. Lab on a chip with integrated optical transducers.