I Am That: Talks On The Isha Upanishad – Kindle edition by Osho. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like. Content: Responding to a wide variety of questions, Osho gives straight talk on Talks on the Isha Upanishad, Talks given from 11/10/80 am to 26/10/80 am. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 45, , kbps. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 32, , kbps. OSHO-Kathopanishad mp3, 22,

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And the beauty is that if you have meditated well prayer comes on its own accord, there is no need to teach it.

The conflict is created by your so-called religious people; they have created all kinds of unnecessary upabishad. If you use the methods of meditation you will leave the mind behind, and mind is the source of time and death both.

That’s why we have called Mahavira the jina, the conqueror. Ordinarily we are continuously pushing the river, fighting the river, trying to go upstream.

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Remember all that has been done to you by others so that you can uncondition yourself. Sanskrit may e the only language in the whole world which has the same name for time and death. You have been false to yourself, you have not upanihsad an authentic life.

It is eternal, timeless. They want you to live in the world, but in such upanisad way that you remain above the world, in a certain sense transcendental to the world, living in the world and yet not being of it. I can get upahishad by them, I can become hypnotized by them. You can ask for help when you have done all that you can do, not before that.


It is there in everybody’s center.

The other world, the beyond, the absolute, has a totally different kind of reality; it is non-relative. He said, “l am a Protestant. I have meditated, practiced Yoga, watched my mind, I have dissolved the mind, eliminated all that was stupid in me, mediocre in me, unintelligent in me.

We have not come here to inquire about your bravery or your cowardice, whatsoever it is – we are not interested in it. Between the two penetrates the beyond, the transcendental, and that is the present. And I am perfectly happy – why should I go?

Every practice strengthens the mind, and the mind belongs to the uupanishad t Is the very foundation of the relative. Trivia About I Am That: When he was saying, “I am the truth,” in fact he was saying, “I ossho no more, only the truth is.

She is dancing according to the dictates of the Roman Catholic Church. Just a day before you were ready to die for her, and a day afterwards you are ready to kill her! Your browser does not support iframes. When you are NOT, you are really free. There is a gap of three thousand upanisha, and in these three thousand years India has destroyed its ishaa achievement.


Prayer can be of two types. The world of the Upanishads is very close to my approach. But all these things have nothing to do with knowing God the ultimate; all these thing are part of the relative.

That is the experience of absolute: The person who turns away from the world remains lopsided as much as the person who remains in the world and forgets the beyond.

Refresh and try again. It is a relative world, nothing is permanent here, that is true. When you are consumed completely, when you are free of yourself, then you are absolutely free. If he fasts starves his body, lies down on a bed of thorns, stands naked in the cold, sits in the hottest season surrounded by fire, then we have great respect for him.

Prayer Simply Happens

And this sun is nothing compared to other upanisgad which are far bigger. Both and More He will help the child to inquire on his own, to become a seeker. Akbar was one of the greatest emperors who has ever lived on the earth. He laughed at the whole idea and he said, “You must have gone crazy! Mulubrhan rated it it was amazing Dec 16,