Dear Frds, I have a Tamplet PDF File in which i have to replace Some Text like company Name,Date etc . & save it to the new name. I have been given a task to replace text within an existing PDF file. I need to find the precise x & y location of the text, and then I could draw. I’ve trying to replace text in PDF file and this is most simple way to replace text in PDF files. Before approaching this, I’ve tried to replace text.

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The links below may help you.

VS [RESOLVED] “replace” Words in PDF file using iTextSharp-VBForums

C also getting complie errors in below code. For this, I anc help. I also like the comments by Jongware because they clearly explain why the OP is trying to use PDF for something it should be used for. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I am using a modified version of the test solution which creates the new file where i need it to be but when i go to open it i get the error There was an error opening this document. Empty End Try Return sb.


Last is not a member of IList Function Name: Close ; if ms! QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace.

About the Replace idea that comes after all this adding other text over this blank rectanglesthis has known limitations like: What if you insert a character that is not in the existing subset?

The content you requested has been rind. I don’t have time right now to investigate further, but i’ll take a look later, having these coordinates the rest should be easy. Edited by janveeshenoy Thursday, September 13, 9: If you still have any questions about this issue, please let me know.

Eugene 2, 11 Last edited by jcis; Jun 6th, at Existing Members Sign in to your account. Please avoid this kind of ‘patch’ work. Is it really that hard?

Outputted pdf not filling with the content in iTextsharp and C. They’ll find a combined score of over 1, in the [pdf] categories so I think they repkace a very knowledgeable response. Understand that English isn’t everyone’s first language so be lenient of bad spelling and grammar. Replacing the string with new one.

Iterate through all the text objects; Add new text objects created from scratch on top of PDF file and set the same properties font, position, etc but with a different text; This step could require you to have the same fonts installed on your as were used in the original PDF but you may check for installed fonts and use another font for a new text object.


Ihextsharp Rated Most Recent. Open ‘ step 4 document. Add New Paragraph “Hello World!

How to replace specific word in pdf using itextsharp

So if you replace “abcdef” with “xyz” then the PDF will not display these “xyz” as no glyphs are available for these letters to be itexxtsharp. SetFontAndSize bf, 9 ; cb2. Close Next End If Return text. The idea in the answer given there is just taking Class LocationTextExtractionStrategy from iTextSharp sourcecode to your Project, because it contains these coordinates you need.

Search and Remove a Text from a PDF using iTextsharp

Very good, thorough explanation indeed! Don’t tell someone to read the manual. No matter how long you search the internet, you cannot find a method to walk from Britain to America.