The Jabidah massacre was fabricated by the late Senator Benigno Aquino to destabilize the administration of then President Ferdinand Marcos. For a change, this year I don’t want to look back on the Jabidah Massacre with morbidity, armed with an angry fist raised to the sky. I want to. It’s the 45th anniversary of what’s known as the “Jabidah massacre”, a previously under-acknowledged yet pivotal point in modern Philippine.

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Remembering the ‘Jabidah massacre’ | | Al Jazeera

Denial of mass killings list Genocide denial. He had claimed to have served in the Battle of Bataan and later to have led a guerrilla unit, the Maharlikas. Some of his men jabiadh on one of the 50 or more fast-moving fishing boats owned by big-time smuggler Lino Bocalan. If Marcos and his men were to be believed, the killings on Corregidor never happened.

He was present in that meeting.

The episode only revealed the utter lack of nationalism and deviousness of the Liberal Party, and its most articulate leader, Benigno Aquino, Jr. They knew that it was just a matter of time before mutiny erupted.

Then Massafre Eduardo Nepomuceno ordered us to get down from the truck and line up [Nepomuceno was later killed in Corregidor under mysterious circumstances].

It is has been part of Moro culture to avenge their kinsmen, even if it takes decades to do so, resulting in the so-called, notorious rido, or clan wars, that explains much of the violence in Muslim Mindanao.

Jabidah massacre

Sabah is a sore subject domestically for, and between, the two countries. The young and intensely energetic opposition Sen Ninoy Aquino Jr, using his deft journalistic skills, put some of the pieces of the Jabidah puzzle together, but the picture remained incomplete. Masscare men, till today, are unaccounted for. Rock Force Honor Roll. Under the guise of investigating reports of a so-called massacre in Corregidor island of young Muslims being trained by the Army Special Forces to infiltrate Sabah, the Yellows in effect ratted on Marcos and his plans to Malaysia.


Looking back, they say that if not for the bungled training, the killings would not have ensued and Oplan Merdeka would have pushed through.

Enrile claims Jabidah massacre was only ‘invented’ by Ninoy

We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The intricacies of the connections through time and space on this story are dizzyingly labyrinthine. College of Public Affairs Forty-five years on, details of an alleged secret plot to destablise the Philippine province remain hard to come by. Author Cesar Adib Majul said that the state, at that point in time, had suppressed the affair in the interest of national unity [4] which therefore led to little or no documentation on the incident.

A number of them participated in the operation as leaders who gave orders or followers who implemented such orders.

Malaysia seemed an easy and vulnerable target at that time. But with the good food and entertainment came the bad news: Vatican spokesman Greg Burke and his deputy resign suddenly. The jury is still out on whether all of this is fact, or fiction. Bangladesh ruling party secures landslide poll win. The officers were aware of the agitation among the recruits. Paul Aquino is still alive.

As a precautionary measure, then Lt Rolando Abadilla and the rest took jabudah guarding their own barracks at night. Tiglao 22 March Marcos dominated the political scene for the next two decades, first as an elected president in andand then after his proclamation of martial law, as a virtual dictator.

Please try again later. On March 16, another batch was taken away from Corregidor. Calhoun Amid th’ Encircling Gloom Ft. Rebellion in Mindanao,” which was first published in The officers who participated in the Jabidah massacre have not fully come clean.


They frequently travelled from Cavite to Sabah, where they loaded thousands of cases of “blue-seal” cigarettes. There are various accounts about the massacre.

Jabidah ‘massacre’ was the Yellows’ first big fake news | The Manila Times Online

Diplomatic efforts to Malaysia and the United Nations during the administration of President Diosdado Macapagal proved futile. These 24 men boarded the same boat that had brought them to Corregidor in the New year. Jabidah was the name of a special commando unit reportedly trained by the government of then-president Ferdinand Marcos to wreak havoc in Sabah in the s.

Their food was miserable. Sign up for our Newsletter. As we put down our bags, I heard a series of shots. Diosdado Macapagal9th President of the Philippines Successor: Despite undergoing numerous trials and hearings, the officers related to the massacre were never convicted and which was a clear indication to the Muslim community that the Christian government had little regard for them.

Democratic senator Warren takes major step towards White House bid U. An unknonw error has occurred. The Jabidah hoax would have one huge negative consequence for the Philippines, which hounds it to this day: InPresident Diosdado Macapagal renewed the Philippines’ claim over Sabah although the territory has been incorporated into Malaysia.

When they landed, the teams of soldiers found burned bodies tied to trees, near the airstrip, on the island’s bottom side.

It’s the 45th anniversary of what’s known as the “Jabidah massacre”, a previously under-acknowledged yet pivotal point in modern Philippine history. They wanted their pay plus an improvement in their living conditions.

Retrieved 22 January The villain portrayed by the Yellows, Air Force Maj.