The Anome (Durdane, #1), The Brave Free Men, The Asutra (Durdane, #3), and Durdane. One of life’s great pleasures is hunting out old Jack Vance paperbacks. Wherever we are, if I spot a second hand book shop and can spare a. The Demon Princes was the first major series Jack Vance wrote—or at least started. Begun in with The Star King, the effort proved difficult.

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Vance’s writing in here I found to be The durcane is really quite extraordinary, and bleaker still than the Demon Princes Gersen at least has got the girl. Views Read Edit View history.

A lot of those books are forgettable pot boilers, of course – The Five Gold Rings is one I read recently that was just a threadbare pulp fiction detective plot mechanically articulated through wooden characters, barely held together by Vance’s deft turn of phrase. A lot of the same themes come up in his detective stories especially the revenge plot and even at his worse there’s the fantastic prose style to enjoy.

The second volume is not as good as the first, but the third is much worse, particularly after Etzwane leaves Durdane for his interplanetary jaunt.

This is the second time I’ve read this series and I liked it even better this time. The Anome is the opening book in the Durdane Trilogy and gives a solid introduction into the world of Durdane.

Durdane Series

It should come as no surprise then, when Vance begun a third series his confidence in delivering a three-volume story was innate. The citizens of Shant do not know where these monstrous humanoid creatures came from but suspect that a neighboring country might have created them from cloning to use as a weapon against the Shant.


Een zeer onderhoudende roman van Jack Vance, misschien wel mijn meest favoriete SF auteur. Mark O’Neill rated it really liked it Feb 07, Etwane finding himself in ever stranger situations, places, and planets, the joy of adventure is upon him, but may take his life in the process as he gets to the bottom of the grand mystery. By the time of the battle that Etzwane witnessed, the Asutra were already defeated, that’s the only reason Etzwane and his fellow slaves were able to escape: Vance is able to thoroughly immerse the reader into his exotic settings within just a few pages by deploying crisp, precise information-packed descriptions.

Works by Jack Vance. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. A couple of black ships are destroyed before the silver ships arrive, but then the bronze ships flee. Alas, it’s not vurdane match to the other two, but a rather nasty Ace edition from with paper so coarse you could getter a splinter from it.

One of the most striking elements of Durdane is its steampunkery. To ask other readers questions about Durdaneplease sign up. Over the many months he was a slave for the Asutra, Etzwane held out hope that Ifness would come to the rescue, but he never turned up and Etzwane assumes that Ifness was unable to convince the authorities of Institute to break their code and intervene.

Speculiction Review of The Durdane Chronicles by Jack Vance

It’s implied this state of affairs has gone on for some time. I’m glad I chanced upon it. Etzwane seeks out the Faceless man to discover why and to try to get him to take action.

His prose is taut and tightly-crafted and there is little or no wasted Nobody spins the “young citizen provocateur who monkey-wrenches the status quo and topples the oppressive authoritarian regime ” story more effectively than Jack Vance.


I would still recommend it to a Vance fan, who would love it simply for the clever world building and the magic of Jack Vance’s words. Not my favorite Jack Vance, it did not carry the same umph as other novels of his that I have read Jack Vance, “The Anome” – Vance was a master of building baroque worlds of stasis, decay, and a sickly kind of wonder.

A deft conclusion, it wraps up everything nicely, that is, save one important matter—which makes Durdane bittersweet. The Durdane series is a trilogy of science fiction books written by Jack Vance between andand detail the political and social adventures of Gastel Etzwane on the world Durdane. Even if they’re just talking badly of him!

Durdane series – Wikipedia

The Anome is the first book of the three part Durdane series. It does not work well as a stand alone book. But this kingdom of myriad mystery and incalculable peril is now threatened by a menace from without-the dreaded Vznce.

This is the second time I’ve read thi The Anome is the first book of the three part Durdane series. He also meets a man named Ifness from Earth a much more technologically advanced world who is visiting Durdane undercover as a Research Fellow for the Historical Institute. I hope they will be resolved. The land of Shant on the planet Durdane is ruled vane a purposely anonymous dictator called the Anome or Faceless Man.