The Medical Cannabis Guidebook: The Definitive Guide To Using and Growing Medicinal Marijuana [Jeff Ditchfield, Mel Thomas] on *FREE*. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jeff Ditchfield is a successful author, outspoken campaigner, and activist. He was part of Bud Buddies, the organization that. The latest Tweets from Jeff Ditchfield (@JeffDitchfield). Author of ‘Cannabis Cultivator’ a beginners guide to growing marijuana and The Medical Cannabis.

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After retiring from his job in the logistics csnnabis, he was inspired to grow his first batch of weed to help an old colleague, a women who suffered with MS and found it was the only thing that helped with the pain.

Why was everyone talking about emotional labour in ? She was a member of the MS society, and before long her friends were asking if Cannabid could give them any.

So yes, ultimately I get to know more people who have died, than those who stay here for longer. It broke my heart. The former ballet star using dance to help recovering addicts. The medical benefits of weed have long been debated in the UK, with the amount of anecdotal evidence far out weighing the amount of scientific proof.

America has seen a medicinal cannabis revolution, with it now legal in half the country. Every batch is sent to be rigorously tested at Valencia University, so his product is safely regulated – to the best of his ability.


Yet for every ditdhfield with a happy ending, Jeff is very much in touch with the reality. We just have to do our best for them at the time.

Yet in terms of anecdotal evidence, Jeff has plenty.

Legalising weed: A matter of life and death?

Without such trials, it will remain underground, unregulated, unmonitored and untaxed, with people like Jeff being the sole means of access — and leaving it open to scammers. How Not To Die: He started responding to the oils, and his cancer went into remission.

But this clear demand makes the drug no less illegal. There are over 5, varieties of cannabis plants, and over types of cancer. Within 6—9 months I was supplying 20—25 MS sufferers within Liverpool. So, how does one get into the weed business?

Imagine hearing that from a year-old. Prohibition causes more harm than cannabis ever could.

For Jeff, and the rest of Bud Buddies, the fight for legalising cannabiis goes on. Catriona White 30 November Just how lazy are you being this week?

How to make the year you learn to love yourself. Hector Bellerin is the action movie star we all need.

Legalising weed: A matter of life and death? – BBC Three

When ‘H’ and his parents returned to the UK, he had access to oil from myself and other dedicated UK activists. Death On The I Everyone responds very differently, and research suggests that different cancers can react to different THP levels which affect the potency in the cannabis.


Undoubtedly, for the health benefits of cannabis to be properly understood, more regulated testing is desperately needed. Not risk free — but ditchfielr. And turns out I was pretty good!

And other urban drug myths busted. Would you just accept that or would you do everything in your power to fight it? Ten times pop culture romanticised sexual harassment. He was suffering from two very advanced cancers, and the week prior to coming out to see me in Spain him and his mum had been looking at hospices for him to die in. Jeff himself makes his cannabis oils by taking active ditchfied from the cannabis plant, extracting them using a solvent, and producing the oil in sterile conditions.

Yet as Jeff sees it, would you rather be a living cannabis criminal, or a dead law-abiding citizen? In fact, Jeff believes that banning people in their hour of desperate need amounts to a human rights issue, and is campaigning actively against the law on that basis.

Most of those I meet are people with very, very advanced cancer. Neff he sums up poetically, in the words of Thomas Jefferson: