Jeffery Deaver novels in series order. Click here for a printable list of Jeffery Deaver’s novels. The Lincoln Rhyme Series: The Bone Collector (). : The Bone Collector (Lincoln Rhyme Novel) (): Jeffery Deaver: Books. Deaver (A Maiden’s Grave) is too fond of gimmicks. They range The Bone Collector. Jeffery Deaver, Author, Wilson, Author Viking Books $ (p) ISBN.

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As more buildings and lives go up in flames, Pellam takes to the streets, seeking the twisted pyromaniac who sells services to the highest bidder. So that took some getting used to, as well. From the beginning, I thought that she was a strong character, and when she turned up with the evidence that the FBI had taken, I began to like her immensely.

Retrieved from ” https: I accept that Lincoln Rhyme is a superhuman genius up against a larger-than-life serial killer because that’s what makes this worth reading.

Stay in Touch Sign up. View all 3 comments. Stanton picked his victims at random and would also think of them as Schneider’s own. Lincoln Rhyme was once a brilliant criminologist, a genius in the field of forensics — until an accident left him physically and emotionally shattered.

The novel begins with two colleagues catching a cab at a New York City airport. No wonder he was such an ass. Quotes from The Bone Collector.


Doesn’t she colldctor a chance at happiness as well? He is a twenty-year veteran and the ex-partner of Lincoln Rhyme. The writer is certainly brilliant though and I would pick up the next in the series, if I can just remind myself to visualize a different actor. She told us that she was thinking about adding new books to the course, and asked for suggestions.


All they can do is follow the evidence, before their time runs out.

THE BONE COLLECTOR by Jeffery Deaver | Kirkus Reviews

Again, this novel is superb. His first novel featuring Lincoln… More about Jeffery Deaver. View all 4 comments. Add to Cart Add to Cart.

Or I could just stop it and determine that I’m reading a series to the end. Apr 01, Pages Buy. The Cold Moon Details.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste and Lincoln Rhyme jeffrry not wasting his. May 23, Diane Wallace rated it really liked it.

He has promised one thing: Then there’s the climax including a revelation whose essence I jeffedy coming but whose details I didn’t, which was a nice bit of misdirectionin which Lincoln Rhyme does something I still can’t imagine being possible for a human being let alone a quadriplegic. The pace is terrific, the suspense inexorable, and there is an excellent climax.

The Bone Collector

It was fascinating stuff, but I had major problems with the lecturer. You don’t need a plot summary from me or a long review. I don’t know collecror that, Lincoln.

The only clues they have are the ones that “the bone collector” leaves. To ask other readers questions about The Bone Collectorplease sign up. With the help of a young police officer, Amelia Sachs, he starts to close in on the killer. Given that I am apparently some pretentious snob, I assume that the more popular an author is, the more watered down and crowd pleasing the story will be.


The Bone Collector (novel) – Wikipedia

If you want thrills, Deaver is your man. There’s no way she’d even remember Lizzie, no way she jegfery know anything about her life – is there? When the Music’s Over Peter Robinson. The Twelfth Card Details. And if Bobby-Ray wasn’t the killer, who carried out the assassination and why is Bobby-Ray being framed?

View all 9 comments. The thriller aspect, for me, took a backseat to my curiosity about Rhyme, the way he thought and felt, the way he dealt with the situation. In the movie Amelia’s last name is changed from Sachs to Donaghy I never get the reasons behind name changes, they seem so arbitrary and pointless and her arthritis is no longer a contributing factor in her desire to leave Patrol.

The Cutting Edge Details. I had no idea of the identity of the serial killer until it was revealed. The rat scene in particular was atrocious. Bone Collector discussion 18 96 Apr 17, jegfery I can say that in this one I did not seem as if there was as much language. Just in case you were wondering about the title.

In her defense, she was only trying to make certain that she was able to report to her new assignment and had no idea that there would be any repercussions to the investigation. Jan 07, Pages.