This tutorial explains the usage of Eclipse JFace TreeViewer. It also shows the usage of a DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider. It is based on. Package name: Project was created. You need to declare a few required Bundle, namely the SWT and JFace OSGi. They are the. Your first JFace application: JFace Introduction «SWT «Java Tutorial.

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ArrayList ; import java. With this code every column of the Tree will have the appropriate width, when a TreeItem is expaned, so that the tuttorial of the column is not clipped.

It is based on Eclipse 4. In case of the table viewer each object is displayed in an individual row. The createTableViewerColumn method has three parameters. JFace provides several standard viewer implementations.

These widgets are arranged in an inheritance hierarchy. For example, you can define input help for a text field or a combo box so that the user gets possible input values presented.

Create a new RCP Project de. Let me explain it with an example. The MessageDialog class provides static methods to open commonly used dialogs, for example an information or a warning dialog. It’s an open, extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular, and provides tool developers with flexibility and control over their software technologies.

03 – Working With JFace Viewers

You find an extended online training at the Eclipse RCP online training website. You can implement your own content provider for a table by implementing the interface IStructuredContentProvider from the org.


The jgace example shows how to expand an instance of a TreeViewer with a double click.

MultiStatus ; import org. Important standard label providers are listed in the following table. JFace provides the ResourceManager and its derived classes for managing such resources automatically.

Jfcae also contains functionality to support icon decorations and user-input help for SWT controls. Used for the TreeViewer class. TreeViewer ; import org. Has additional methods to determine the children and the parents of the elements. Alternatively just tell us what you think!

Eclipse JFace Tutorial

Status ; import org. Eclipse allows you to use dialogs to prompt the user for additional information or provide the user with feedback. Selecting iface of the Table There are many different ways how an element in a table can be selected.

Make sure to uncheck “Create sample content” on the last page of the wizard: Using field assists together with a text field and control decorations In this exercise you tutoriao field assistance functionality to a Text widget.

Reflect data changes in the viewer To reflect data changes in the data model that is displayed by the viewer, you can call the viewer. In this exercise you implement field assists for a combo box. The TreeViewer class provides viewer support for displaying trees.

SWT and JFace, Part 1: A gentle introduction

Use the following example code for this, this code also adds control decorations to the text field. Create the ModelProvider class which is a in-memory representation of your data. Jfqce this Control is disposed, the resources created by the LocalResourceManager are also disposed.


Dialogs in Eclipse Eclipse allows you to use dialogs to prompt the user for additional information or provide the user with feedback.

The following code demonstrates the usage of these static methods. Eclipse provides a nface for developers to produce rich GUI-driven tools and applications.

Viewer ; import org. Links and Literature 7. Create a new class called PasswordDialog which extends the Dialog in your com. There after we are configuring label and content adapters.

StyledString ; import org.

Your first JFace application : JFace Introduction « SWT « Java Tutorial

ColumnLabelProvider ; import org. Image ; import org. For example, to highlight a Text field requires input It is difficult to use it, and coding is lengthy. FontDialog ; import org. The following example code prompts the user for confirmation and handles the result. DelegatingStyledCellLabelProvider ; import org. Following listing shows the rest of code: The createColumns method creates the table columns, headers, sets the size of the columns and makes the columns re-sizable.