Complete summary of Jorge Luis Borges’ The Garden of Forking Paths. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Garden of Forking Paths. Full text of “The Garden Of Forking Paths Jorge Luis Borges “. See other formats. The Garden of Forking Paths To Victoria Ocampo In his A History of the. To say that Jorge Luis Borges was a librarian, of course, is like saying Wallace The concept Borges described in “The Garden of Forking Paths”—in several.

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I threw myself down on my narrow iron bed, and waited on my back. Two things dawned on me at once, the first trivial and the second almost incredible: A stranger knocks at his door.

I have translated the whole work. I have gone over hundreds of manuscripts, I have corrected errors introduced by careless copyists, I have worked out the plan from this chaos, I have restored, or believe I have restored, the original. I imagined it untouched and perfect on the secret summit of some mountain; I imagined it drowned under rice paddies or beneath the sea; I imagined it infinite, made not only of eight-sided pavilions and of twisting paths but also borgee rivers, provinces and kingdoms I hurried, for the next would not go until half past nine.

In Ts’ui Pen’s work, all the possible solutions occur, each one being the point of departure for other bifurcations. A man I recognized ran furiously, but vainly, the length of the platform. In your country the novel is an inferior genre; in Ts’ui Pen’s period, it was a despised one. Two circumstances showed me the direct solution to the problem. Fang makes up his mind to kill him. I told myself that I thus ran less chance of being jore. I can state categorically that not once has the word time been used in the whole book.


Narrowly avoiding the pursuing Captain Madden at the train station, he goes to the house of Doctor Stephen Albert, an eminent Sinologist. He lived in a suburb of Fenton, less than half an hour away by train.

How could it reach the ear of the Chief? I remember the final words, repeated at the end of each version like a secret command: For a moment his back was again turned to me.

The truth is that, in the deserted street, I felt infinitely visible and vulnerable. Views Read Edit View history.

There was about him something of the priest, and something of the sailor. However, he has “most abhorrently triumphed”, as he has revealed to Berlin the location of the artillery park. The Chief, however, had already solved this mystery. Yesterday it was bombed. At a slight incline, the road ran downhill.

Stephen Albert was watching me with a smile on his face. I do not remember whether there was a bell, a push-button, or whether I attracted attention by clapping my hands. I, a barbarous Englishman, have been given the key to this transparent mystery. I know that of all problems, none disquieted him more, and none concerned him more than the profound one of time. Ts’ui Pen was a fine novelist but he was also a man of letters who, doubtless, considered himself more than a mere novelist.

The Garden of Forking Paths

Silently, I dressed, took leave of myself in the mirror, went down the stairs, sneaked a look at the quiet street, and went out. I swear that his death was instantaneous, as if he had been struck by lightning. At his death, his heirs found only a mess of manuscripts. He does not know, fofking no one can, of my infinite penitence and sickness of the heart.


The Garden of Forking Paths – Wikipedia

He has just discovered the location of a new British artillery park and wishes to convey that knowledge to his German handlers before he is captured.

My irrevocable decision could wait.

The evening was at once intimate and infinite. For an undetermined period of time I felt myself cut off from the world, an abstract spectator. The stuttering sparks of the music kept on.

It was Captain Richard Madden. Spy fictionwar fiction. That was why I had accepted it fully, without paying it any attention.

A lamp lit the platform, but the children’s faces remained in a shadow. The location of the artillery park was in Albert. Rereading the whole work confirmed this theory. In the second, the same army passes through a palace where a banquet is in progress. He knew that my problem was to shout, with my feeble voice, above the tumult of war, the name of the city foking Albert, and that I had no other course open to me than to kill someone of that name.

Full text of “The Garden Of Forking Paths Jorge Luis Borges “

Tsun is a spy for the German Empire who has realized that an MI5 agent called Captain Richard Madden is pursuing him, has entered the apartment of his handler Viktor Runeberg, and has either captured or killed him.

The novel’s confusion suggested that it was the labyrinth. I said aloud, “I must borgee.