Heterosis breeding is used to improve yield quantity and quality of Tomato ( Solanum Exploitation of hybrid vigor in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) is economical and easy International Journal of Vegetable Science. study. Yield and leaf area showed highly significant heterosis in F1 hybrids ranging from to % and .. Harayana Agricultural University Journal of. Seven F1 wheat hybrids were tested at two different spacings of the plants within the rows. Although some crosses exhibited heterosis none yielded significantly.

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Pollination was carried out by placing pollen grains of each male parent on each emasculated flower stigma. Heterosis calculation was carried out based on the average of parents according to formula: Parent F KG6 had the highest fruit number per plant.

Besides that, UENF x UENF hybrid can also be recommended as it attends parameters proposed for the ideotype, and presents satisfactory esthetical structure, although having a lower performance compared to hybrids previously cited in terms of fruits per plant. The averages for HET1 varied from 6. Moreover, expressive differences among genotypes were found and values varied from 21 to 31 days.

Study on combining ability and heterosis of yield and its components in pepper Capsicum annum L. Testing methods for producing self-pollinated fruits in ornamental peppers. Buletin Ilmiah Litbang Perdagangan, 6 2— Morpho-agronomic characterization was conducted based on eight quantitative descriptors: Jurnal Agronomi Indonesia, 38 2— The experiment was conducted from March to September under the same greenhouse conditions used for the F 1 hybrids obtainment in a completely randomized block design, with ten replications and one plant per plot.


Heterosis Dan Heterobeltiosis Pada Persilangan 5 Genotip Cabai Dengan Metode Dialil – Neliti

Another desirable usage for chili pepper is garden cultivation, in which higher plants can be used. Heterosis Heterosis varied from Six accessions of Capsicum annuum from germplasm bank of the Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense Darcy Ribeiro UENF Table 1 were selected based on preliminary studies for indication of genitors with potential ornamental use Silva et al.

Retrieved from website Ditjen Horti. Diallel analysis for yield and yield attributing traits in Capsicum Capsicum annuum L. Values of negative heterosis for height indicate smaller plants, ideal for pot cultivation. Email the author Login required.

Abstract Ultisol is very promising area for Indonesian chili pepper production. However, the ornamental chili pepper field lacks studies with this data. Specifically for plant height, these authors observed variations of Study of heterosis in Bangladesh Chili Capsicum annuum L. Brazilian ornamental pepper breeding program: Agronomika, 10 1hetwrosis Both additive and jeterosis effects play important role in controlling the studied characters, indicating hybrid exploitation as well as development of superior lineages from the progress of segregating generations.

Retrieved from website Reddy, M. User Username Password Remember me. The coefficient of variation CV values were between proposed limits for Capsicum genus according to Silva et al.

Pollen of each parent was stored in refrigerator inside of properly identified amber glasses containing silica gel. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution Potencial ornamental de acessos de pimenta.


Positive heterosis for plant height range from 1.

Heterosis Dan Heterobeltiosis Pada Persilangan 5 Genotip Cabai Dengan Metode Dialil

However, these authors observed that additive effects were predominant for plant height. Experiment was conducted from July to November and designed in Randomized Complete Block with three replications.

African Journal jirnal Agricultural Research, 8 29— Direktorat Jenderal Hortikultura Kementerian Pertanian. Means 1 and heterosis percentage compared to parent mean H for eight characteristics evaluated in complete diallel without reciprocals, among six heteroxis of Capsicum annuum. Tinjauan terhadap produksi, konsumsi, distribusi dan dinamika harga cabe di Indonesia [Review of production, consumption, distribution and price dynamics of chili in Indonesia].

Such reductions are desirable for ornamental Capsicum breeding programs. Revista Chapingo Serie Horticultura, 15 1— Karnataka Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 22 1— In addition, in this regard, the authors recommend hybridization as a strategy for obtaining ornamental chili heterisis. Combining ability and heritability analysis for yield and yield contributing characters in chilli Capsicum annuum landraces. Additionally, Blat et al. Therefore, there is a possibility of hybrid exploitation as well as development of superior lineages from the progress of segregating generations.