Masail e Bahishti Zewar By Dr. Abdul Wahid مسائل بہشتی زیور Vol 01 Vol 02 Vol 01 (9MB) Vol 02 (5MB) Bahishti Zewar Al Bushra By Maulana. Kaleed e Masnavi Complete 24 Volumes authored by Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ashraf Ali Thanvi r.a. This book contains comprehensive. Read Online Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6 Volume 7 Volume 8 Volume 9 Volume 10 Volume 11 Volume

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Unse aise Kitabei Dekhna Molana Murtza Ahmad Khan Mekash.

AhleSunnah Library

Molana Abdulsalam Nadwi, Dr Leban. Aboul farj Hamaun, Norman Vincent peale. Hazrat Molana Muhammad Zakria.

Allama Yusuf Bin Ismail Nabhani.

Lilaram Watanmal, one of the first Hindu authors to write about the mystical poet of Bhit expressed the opinion that the Koran and the Masnavi were always in the poet’s hand, together with some Sindhi mystical poems, and It is related that Nur Mohammad Kalhora, the then ruler of Sind, from whom Shah Latif had become estranged, won back the poet’s favor by presenting him with a fine copy of the Masnavi. Although the information is not always reliable and the resulting picture of the poet seems one-dimensional or larger than life, it is more than we have for most other pre-modern poets.

As a result of the Mongol incursion into Central Asia Rumi fled westwards with his family and ended up in Konya, in what is now Turkey.

We could easily enumerate a dozen or more learned commentaries written during this period, besides special glossaries, and anthologies made from Rumi’s poetry. Molana Muhammad Azhr Almadni. The Great Sufi Masters.


Hafiz Sayed Muhammad Zia ul deen Shamsi. Sufi Saints and State Power: Hafiz Muhammad Shahbaz Qadri Atari.

Mufti Muhammad Kareem Khan. We look inside to find intent and rapture. Molana Ateeq ur Rahman Qasmi Behrachi. Molana mojeeb Ullah sahib.

Kaleed e Masnavi Rumi By Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Pdf – The Library Pk

Ernst 4 Professor R. Syed Nafees ul Husaini. In his later life he spent time travelling and visiting ancestral lands. Mufti Kafait Allah Dehlvi. He was not only a great lover of art and Persian Literature but also a patron of poets and scholars. This area today is home to the world’s second-largest Muslim ethnic population.

Kaleed e Masnavi Rumi by Ashraf Ali Thanvi Download Pdf

oaleed Fifty years later, the British civil servant H. Those, in whom is thirst-water is thirsty for them. Alama Ghulam Rasool Saeedi. Among other features of the book should be mentioned the introductory essay on the ghazal, which is comprehensive and fully illustrated, and brief biographical notes on the poets, along with their authentic portraits. To glance through A. Hazrat Molana Abdulqadir Araf Hasari. Hafiz Muhammad Arif Sahab. His Risalo in Sindhi is for everyone who speaks Sindhi, be he Hindu or Muslim, the textbook of masnavo Weltanschauung; verses from this collection of mystical poetry are still stock-in-trade in the country.

Shakh Faiz Kalded Chisti. There is none like Ali. Brother so far I don’t have Sharah of Masnavi. Allama Muhammad Faiz Ahmad Awasi. Saints, books and empires in the Muslim Deccan. Amen, O Lord of all created beings! He has even composed a strange book called Masnavi-ye delkosha which consists of a combination of Koranic quotations. This quotation from the Masnavi I points to the truth that God and Man act together were not the Source of Love thirsty for Man’s longing, how could Man dare to long for this unfathomable source of Life?


Quit ,aleed desire and wishes! Saith the feeble slave who hath need of the mercy of God most High, Muhammad son of Muhammad son of al-Husayn of the city of Balkh—may God accept this offering from him: Sayad Khalid Javed, Dr. Kaleex believed, Perfection is not in exhibition of miraculous powers, but perfection is to sit among people, sell and buy, marry and have children; and yet never leave the presence of the Almighty even for one moment.

Salam Aren’t there urdu translations available anywhere of these poems? Tell me what is the reality of Man? Hazrat Molana Gulam Huseen Qadri.

Hazrat Allama Saim Chisti. Muhammad Ismaeel Ahmad Badayoni. Yalali Yalali ala, Yala Ray. Peer Sayed Irtaza Ali Karmani. All e-Books Below are in English. Similar is the situation in the Punjab. Qawwali of this nature has a certain quality masnavu often brings spiritual rupture. A chick which has not grown masnav own wings is bound to be torn to pieces by the cat if it attempts to fly.

Abi Muhammad Abdullah Bin Muslim.