Buy By Karl Pilkington The Further Adventures of an Idiot Abroad by Karl Pilkington (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices. The nation’s favourite idiot is back. Safely home from his latest travels, Karl has decided it is time to share his hard-earned wisdom of the world. Taking the. The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad is a fitting finale to two years of eventful globe-trotting. Frank, funny and strangely inspiring, this is Karl’s final word on.

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Karl Pilkington is the author of four bestselling humour books: A fitting finale to two years of eventful globe-trotting, this companion guide is frank, funny, and strangely inspiring.

Additional information Publisher Canongate Books. Dec 05, Paul M. This travel diary recollecting events adventurres the second series of “An Idiot Abroad” features Pilkington checking off as many bucket list items as possible. Also classic Karl, need I say more!

It was authored by Pilkington and gives a deeper insight into his feelings on what he was experiencing. Basically following Karl on his journey on Season 2 of the Idiot Abroad where he is supposedly allowed greater control of what he wants to do of course Ricky and Stephen throw their own twists to the plot Thrown in ov middle sometimes quite literally and in no particular order except for probably a vague Karl-like belief that they are related are The bucket list.

The final outcome featured the pair travelling to China from Venice via Eastern Europe and India, loosely based on the journey of Marco Polo.

The stuff he see’s and does is awesome, things some people will never get to experience. Gervais and Merchant were not involved in the project and they did not appear in the series or its credits.


Pilkington is joined by actor Warwick Davis travelling to various locations along the route taken by Marco Polo to China. Firstly, I preferred the diary style od the first book, but I do understand, having read the introduction, why Pilkington chose to go for chapters this time.

No trivia or quizzes yet.

It does include his charming drawings plus random facts as Karl interprets them. At first, Karl’s non-insights about the places he visits were humorous.

It is an interesting read and defiantly makes me want to pilkingtoon on more adventures such as Route No one knows who to bloody listen to!

An Idiot Abroad – Wikipedia

The original concept, pitched by Gervais, was to show Pilkington and Warwick Davis travelling around England on a bike together.

But somewhere along the way, he lost the plot.

To rate and review, sign in. With some reluctance, Pilkington goes on these adventures and learns about the different cultures, people, and places that make up our great world. I mean nothing exciting. The way he describes things in the book I can imagine him there doing these things, then i watch the tv series also hilarious. Reads like a boring, corny long winded diary. Taking the Bucket List of ‘ Things to Do Before You Die’ as his starting point, Karl combines brilliant stories from his recent adventures to Alaska, Siberia and beyond with entertaining, highly-opinionated views on what other people aspire to do with their lives.

But it’s Karl that makes it isn’t it. With such experiences including climbing Mt. China, India and the United States are the only countries that he visits more than once, and China is the only country that appears in all three series.

Karl is such a cinnamon roll of a man, with an such an incredibly interesting look at the world that’s surprisingly down-to-earth, that he’s one of those people who you can’t have a NOT interesting conversation with yet still feel like you’re talking to some everyday guy off the street.


In each “Lost Luggage” segment, Gervais and Pilkington hold a short discussion. I never heard of Karl Pilkington before.

The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad

Go ‘storm chasing’ through Tornado Alley? I have watched all his TVs programs and found him so funny and wasn’t disappointed when I read the book. Karl is also part of the Guinness World Record-breaking podcast, The Ricky Gervais Showwhich went to number 1 in 14 countries and has been downloaded over million times. Videos About This Book. While it is about his second set of travels for the show, Karl writes not just about his recent travels but also some of his past activities, “Sam said I could discover who I really am by doing a bungee.

Would defiantly recommend it to people. Animals Politics Fame Science. Fuji, driving Route 66, whale-watching, and traversing the Tras-Siberian railway, Pilkington shares his insight as to what he learned from his experiences with humor and the good-natured wisdom only a simpleton could share.

There are lots of surprises along fyrther way too, thanks to Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, who lets face it, were never going to make Karl’s life easy were they?! His second book, Happyslapped by a Jellyfishwas published in Octoberand he was the subject of the Comedy Lab episode “Karl Pilkington – Satisfied Fool”, which aired in October