Catalog of parts / Brake system / Brake pads / Rear brake pads. REAR BRAKE PADS. Code: 30 03 Procuder: MK KASHIYAMA. available. Stock: MK Kashiyama Corp. supplies brake components for automobiles. As a leading manufacturer for the replacement auto parts market, MK Kashiyama is committed . Front & rear Brake Pads to suit Ford Focus Mk.3 _ have been added to the The new e- replacement auto parts market, MK Kashiyama is committed.

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MK Kashiyama – Brake Pads

These “recommended parts” carry auto parts manufacturer brands and are supplied to aftermarket worldwide i. Mercedes-benz Brake Pad Click here to enter your message.

JAPA recommends reliable and excellent quality parts in the after-market that are deemed to be suitable and meet the requirements stipulated above from among the wide range of maintenance and repair parts available. Send your message to this supplier.

Product Introduction | MK Kashiyama Corp.

Hyundai Brake Pad fmsi No. Enter your message here and then click Send Enter between 20 to 3, characters, English only. The JAPA started its ‘Automotive Parts Recommendation System’ in to ensure that consumers could be confident that they are getting reliable, excellent quality parts for their vehicle.


Gmc Chevrolet Cadillac Brake Pad Dodge Chrysler Brake Pad aa. Add to Favorites Add to Favorites.

Forty years later in the JAPA undertook a review and reform of the system and established the following standards for ‘JAPA Recommended Parts’ to enable ordinary consumers to choose the parts they require without hesitation and in full confidence. Toyota Brake Pad mk. Integrally molded – friction material molded to backing plate for bond integrity.

Stamped backing plate allows for proper pad movement within the caliper assembly, reducing noise, brake pulsation, and helps to protect against premature wear.


Toyota Avalon Brake Pad JAPA will continue to make every effort to promote the diffusion of kawhiyama Recommended Parts’ in both manufacturing and distribution so as to make an even greater contribution to the good of all consumers.

Click here to enter your message Enter between 20 to 3, characters, English only. Ford Focus Brake Pad D Honda Product Attribute: China Mainland View Contact Details. Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Ceramic, semi-metallic, and organic formulas provide safety and reliability for a range of vehicle applications. Mercedes-benz Actros Brake Pad wva No. Premium shims, slots, and chamfers help to diminish noise, vibration, and braking harshness. Akebono Brake Industry Co.


The branded parts supplied by automotive manufacturers for maintenance and repairs carrying their own brands and through their own distribution channels are referred to as ‘genuine parts’.

Jiangsu Anjie Auto Parts Co. That ccatalogue to say that JAPA recommends authorized products that satisfy the testing and standards requirements of national and public organizations, leading private sector organizations, automotive manufacturers, and auto parts manufacturers, etc. The aim of this system, as catwlogue by the requirements of the ‘Recommended Automotive Parts Certification System’ standards that came into effect with the promulgation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry Ordinance 19,is to raise the level of consumer trust in the industry by contributing to the benefit of users through the increased diffusion of reliable and excellent quality parts in the aftermarket.

The relevant parts or accessories must meet one or more of the requirements described in each of the above paragraphs 1 padx 2.

Company Index Product Index.