This heroic tale was inspired by a true story that took place over years ago. It tells of Katje the windmill cat who lives happily with Nico, the miller, in a Dutch. Woelfle (The Wind at Work: An Activity Guide to Windmills) transforms a historical account of the 15th-century St. Elizabeth’s Day flood in Holland into an en. Katje, the Windmill Cat has ratings and 38 reviews. Kathryn said: Based on the true story of the Elizabeth’s Day Flood in South Holland, this is.

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This story is based on a true story.

The Wind at Work: Katje the cat leads a near-perfect life with Nico the miller, until he marries. A Novel in Five Acts. The Windmill Cat” on Amazon. And while Pandy and I sometimes had trouble adjusting to one another I think Katje was a bit more amiable than Pandy about the whole “having to share daddy” thingI’m glad we stuck with it. Delft tiles in traditional patterns as well as those incorporating images from the story decorate each page. She is equally act home portraying the nuances of emotion between the characters and the dramatic sweep of the storm.


I don’t really understand too clearly why the Netherlands people are called that, and the Amish are the Pennsylvania Dutch, or anything Digital version — browse, print or download Can’t see the preview? I love the illustrations here! Aug 10, Josette rated it liked it.

She even kajte one of her own cats as a model for Katje.

I enjoyed reading about Katje the cat. View all 4 comments. Both art and text infuse this little-known piece of history with warmth and imagination.

Children’s Books – Reviews – Katje the Windmill Cat | BfK No.

Made it even better. Answering the Cry for Freedom: A tale of feline heroism from 15th-century Holland.

Cute illustrations but the story needs more focus on the cat. Hurray for the internet!

Gretchen Woelfle

Sep 29, Krista the Krazy Kataloguer rated it really liked it Shelves: Also, I sometimes find myself annoyed with stories where an animal or person is highly disliked until it does something to help the person who had been mean to it in the first place–I know it is meant to show that people can change, but sometimes it just irks me since it seems like the cat or whatever is only appreciated because of what it did, not because of its true self just a personal pet-peeve Katje finds herself replaced.


How to print the digital edition of Books for Keeps: Kate Greenaway Medal Nominee A beautiful story beautifully told.

Beautiful Picture book about a true story in the Netherlands. This book is based on a true account, which the author includes at the end of the book. Children would be delighted not only with the pictures but also the stor Katje is the miller’s cat, loved and honored by him. I especially loved this one because we have a calico cat ;- They bumped this up to a four star for me.

The end is especially touching with the miller grabbing the baby and the wife grabbing Katje. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. My sadness persisted even after things turned around and the cat was once again appreciated. The message gives children an idea that it is important to think of others and not just themselves.