INI, under the section [UV2], create a CDBx entry as shown below. [UV2] CDB0=” path\”(“Our Smart Cards”). This allows accessing the Device. I’ve been trying to get uVision2 to work with ClearCase. I opened configuration file for ClearCase in \KEIL\UV2 directory. Then, I’m able to open clearcase. INI which is stored relative to the UV2\ program. Note that the PATH variables in specify the default location for the compiler toolchain.

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Developing Keil MDK-ARM Projects with VisualGDB – VisualGDB Tutorials

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. The only on-chip peripheral used is the serial port along with a baudrate generator.

The program continues executing and displays the text “Hello World” in the serial window. I tried for this, hello project can be opened.

I use uVision2 V2. Older versions have the extension. Products Download Events Support Videos.


The status of the build process is shown in the window Build Kejl. Halt program execution with the toolbar button or the menu Debug – Stop. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. By default, a breakpoint has been set to stop execution there. MSDN is also a good place to look. The following picture shows a possible screen layout: For uVision to find your hello.

uV2 & Tools.ini

The arrow moves with each stepping command. Read-Only Author zhen li Posted Oct Andrew Neil “yes, I read the information” So why didn’t you say so?!

In the AGSI documentation isn’t information about serial ports. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data.

Can’t read project file “hello. Open the Serial window that displays the serial output. Compile and link your application using the jeil Build or the menu Project – Rebuild all target files. You should encounter no errors when building sample projects. Run the application using the toolbar button or the menu Debug – Run. I just call uv2 like this: A target CPU is not needed. Important information This u2v uses cookies to store information on your computer. Roman Horvath How is possible control or read these lines with simulated processor?

  CBHPM 2012 PDF

I just run it following the mannual uv. The example program operates on various devices. For serial keip on Win32, you could try TurboPower – it’s all now open-source: Roman Horvath I’ll try to use one port for modem lines and another for uv2’s communication and I join them physically Is some way how to add my own support for these lines to existing native serial port module?

Products Download Events Support Videos.

Products Download Events Support Videos. Andrew Neil Yes – it is described in the manual! I think maybe there is something wrong with the software product or my environment settings.