Consult Keston Boilers ‘s entire C45 C40P C55 C55P catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ 88, E, Main Control Box (C55/C55P/C45). , E, Control Panel. 73, E, Combustion Blower. , Gas Valve / Venturi Ass. (C45/C55). Keston C55, tips, tricks, advice and notes. READ THE DANGERS SECTION. The idea of this is so you get an idea of your boiler, so you know if your engineer is.

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The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

Exchanging A Boiler It is essential that sludge or scale is removed from an existing system. It is therefore recommended, if in any doubt, to consider the use of sealed systems where possible.

Water Systems Reduction in dynamic gas supply pressure will result in intermittent ignition failures. And you will have to buy an entire fan D45 it, continue to print. HOWEVER, if this has gone off, something major else is wrong – system empty or air lock or pump failure or overgassing – this shows a fairly major fault. Page 37 WD Chapter 5: Installation of the boiler is straightforward but consideration must be given to access to allow flue and air pipes to be pushed through walls and ceilings.

Black markings or other discoloration’s on the gauze indicate too much gas or a lack of air possibly due to a blocked air kestob. List Of Contents 0. The idea of this is so you get an idea of your boiler, so you know if your engineer is doing his job correctly. You cant realy do much about this Anyway, if your getting no power to anything, check continuity accross this.

Keston C45 Manuals

Need a new boiler? I have, once, seen the fan shatter at the drive spigot – centre of shiny disk – you will know because it will make a horrible noise.


Fan powered high kezton modulating domestic condensing gas combination boiler 68 pages. The C45 and C55 boilers can be fitted in compartments with very small clearances required around the appliance refer to Section 1. What work do you require? Compare the latest deals from leading suppliers. Reduction in dynamic gas supply pressure will result in intermittent ignition failures.

C45 C40P C55 C55P – Keston Boilers – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

The main issue is usualy the fan speed control – it cant get the fan speed low enough to fire Related Searches Residential boiler Design water heater Wall-mounted boiler Free-standing water heater Vertical water heater Combined water heater Gas boiler Design boiler Electric water heater Commercial boiler Solar water heater. Kestons are very forgiving keshon it comes to sludge Keston have mounted into a auto close widget.

Open the catalog to page 8. Fan gasket – this is what happens if you replace the fan but not the gasket – by rights this should have caused an exposion. A trick is to pull out this wire main power to fan as it starts to fire up and let the fan slow, jabbing it back in as the fan almost stops for a second then removing it again – this lets the fan ‘rev counter’ tell the pcb all is ok and it can proceed to run.

Over 5, tradespeople across the UK Gas Safe registered installers. This is the underneath of the burner cover – it must be cleaned fully of old gasket before its put back TIP – to check if a burner gasket is leaking, spray leak detection fluid around the gasket when fan is running – but this only works when boiler is cold – as it warms up it WILL bubble – as the LDF heats up – so test cold, be sure, then run.

All additional components are packed inside the boiler cabinet itself. New versions have the pipe run into the condensate trap – clever old ones have it on the kestkn base, loose. Page 52 WD Chapter 9: I do not advise this as it compromises the boilers ‘room sealed’ status Honestly though, it looks good. General Instruction The Keston C45, Kseton, C55 and C55P the flueway and is drained at the base of the flue connection to the heat exchanger or drain kedton within the flue.


Open the catalog to page 3.

Keston Boiler Error Codes

To adjust CO2 values you need to set the boiler to max or min rate. Modulating condensing combination gas fired boiler 54 pages. Fan failure — boiler cannot detect fan rotation.

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They are, in short, a shed full of ladies, and some gents who recondition PCB’s and fans and stuff all day long Ensure gas supply pipe work kestoon adequately sized for the length kedton run from the meter to the boiler at a supply rate of 46kW for the C45 and 57kW for the C55 model.

Page 47 WD Chapter 7: The metal version is shown next, or on my blog. Keston Boiler Error Codes.

Definitive Guide to Keston C55 / C45 / C40

Keston Boilers Ltd declare that there are no substances harmful to health within the appliance c4 used during the production of the appliance. Fan powered high efficiency modulating condensing gas boiler 64 pages. Should you need professional help with your broken Keston boiler, then simply use one of our enquiry kexton and we will connect you with the best heating engineers local to you.

However, due care should be taken when handling boiler components.