The winder is a 4-rope Koepe winding machine with integrated motor. This type of design of the winder guarantee long-term stability of the entire drive system. Assembly of the winder in the workshop. 4-Rope Koepe winder. 3+1 Channel brake system. ▫ Statement of the investment and operating costs. ▫ Comparison of . The objective of this study is to monitor four Koepe winder head ropes, which have six triangular-shaped strands and are 38 mm in diameter, by.

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Rubber covered rollers were installed Z to spread the tail ropes, should they hang in too narrow a loop. Lead-in is provided to the arrestor structure to ensure that the crosshead of the skip bridle will strike the friction blocks, should the conveyance travel past its tipping point. Comparison of the technical data, design, and availability of the planned machinery wnder reference plants. The total load is carried on two lain self-aligning 76 cm by cm white metal bearings.

The rope connecting the bottom ends of the two pit cages is in most cases a flat one. Wimder opposite conveyance is brought to the bank level.

The Chambers

Accuracy is required in the automatic control of the retardation of the winder. Efficient signalling communication systems were provided at all main operating points. Koepe and drum winders. Drum hoists require less routine maintenance than a friction hoist, because the haulage cable is fixed to the drum, and therefore have less downtimeand the maintenance regime is less sophisticated. So there are two pit cages fixed at each rope – one moving upwards and the other moving downwards the shaft at the same time.

Wihder keep the expenditure of rope-force equalization as low as possible, the rope attachments are fitted with an electronic measuring device which allows to take the required measures quickly. With the assistance of Australian partners, the study was completed within a single month. The steelwork for supporting the clamp was then removed and the Koepe winder used to free the clamps on the tail ropes.


Spillage from the loading flask is negligible if the skip positioning kepe are located accurately. If the winder fails to respond koe;e the signal initiated by a relay of the helical controller, does not retard and is running at overspeed, the Ardic controller trips the safety circuit kkepe the winder must retard at a rate defined by the magnetic amplifiers and come to rest. Basic Search Advanced search options Archives. Privacy policy Terms of Use Terms of sale Contact.

The winder is moved to release the suspension clamp on the new rope at bank level. That is the reason why a clever man named Koepe had the idea that this effect could be avoided by not winding the rope up, but leading it around a driving wheel and then back to the winding tower and into winedr shaft.

Multi-rope friction joepe have a larger lift capacity than a drum hoist. The head winddr and the bridle are lifted about 30 cm, to provide slack to enable the head ropes.

The winder wheel is driven a short distance to cause the head ropes to hang slack.

There is also an external fixed helical rig with the same pitch as the centre thread. Statement of the investment and operating costs. ,oepe up hoistroom in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Determination of the discardign critera for ropes under deep shaft condiitons and magnetic testing device calibration During fatigue testing under drum or Koepe application the damage as broken wires, abrasion may be recorded and mapped by means of magnetic testing.

In case of overwinding, the skips are brought to a controlled halt by the safety equipment, wknder avoiding serious damage. Following acceptance of the study, the decision was taken within a few weeks to implement it.

It is mounted in a carrying frame which is hooked into a single load-weighing cell. The rig represents the shaft, to a reduced scale. Installation of a tail rope. This type of singlepoint suspension is designed to facilitate adjustment and calibration.


In case of defect or malfunction, this reserve channel is immediately ready to take over the function of the defective channel. The device is a pneumatic, rotary, formed cutting tool mounted on a slide rest that allows lateral and kpepe movement.

The installation of a Koepe winding plant in a working shaft Part II – EE Publishers

The hand chains of all four chain blocks are fastened. In order to make the construction time as short as possible, the following decisions were taken: It is fixed under the pit cages and connects their floors. Underground mining Vertical transport devices Winches.

This means that the availability of the system is not affected while damage windder this kind is being repaired.

The installation of the winding system coincided with the commissioning of a ton capacity reduction plant. Set-up kkepe shortening a head rope. Koepee retardation gear operates through the stepped resistances used in the circuits which regulate the speed of the winder, in this case, the excitation circuit of the Ward Leonard generator.

In order to simulate these specific laoding cycle, M. The ropes stretch by about 51 cm as the skip is filled. Laboratory simulation of these deterioration is complicated. To each of the four 27 kg rails were arranged as shown in Section M — M of Fig. About tonnes was added to the already massive structure.

The layout of the winder is shown in Fig 6. Following the successful introduction of asynchronous technology on a large double-drum machine winderr South Africa, a further important development in this technology has now been made at Olympic Dam. New shoes were used for each test. The Koepe wheel weighs 70 tonnes, the drum shaft 30 tonnes, and each armature of the two driving motors weighs 25 tonnes. Arrangement for attaching the chain block to the koeep.