KT a. f. beam pentode. Base: OCTAL. Uf = 6,3 V. If = 1, 6 a. Typical Characteristics: Ua. = V. Ug2. = V. Ia. = ma. Ig2. = max. KT BEAM PENTODE. V INDIRECTLY HEATED. ISSUE 2. MARCH, The KT88 has an anode dissipation of and is primarily designed for the. given as a guide only – please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. KT88 Ratings.

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He bough this plant including the buildings. The base is oversize compared to datasheeet IO bases. Offered to a tube dealer in the USA, in March The operating point being “not KT88” shows to me this was knocked together, by using existing tools.

We used real blue prints, hand made. So for 25 years, the Americans had to pay a licence or find another solution.

KT88 pentode mode connection. Low cost, reliable tube. So people look on Ebay for something “nice” and optics come first. All the same tubes, just another jacket. Here is as far as I can reconstruct what happened. You can see the gray ring around the getter. After datasneet rounds of discussions, I got the following stupid answer from Mr.


Brimar KT88 – Brimar Thermionic Products – Official Site

They’re lower cost and compared to GU50, KT88 is only a consumer tube. Mechanical quality is superb. Specially with four of the five letters of the “TESLA” brand seem borrowed, as well as the logo letter type.

They used to be cheap on Ebay, but boy You need to know a few things here. That is, you are supposed to pay the price they ask, when it is a reasonable price for you personally, like they know datsaheet, and like you know it. The tube back to contents. I have seen many tube curves made with that. And then the usual surprise: C tubes look like.

KT88 and Directory

If there is one tube that a whole crowd of fakers have jumped on, a long time ago, it is the KT However, all tools were in the hands of Darasheet, so he had to remake them all, which he actually did.

The only problem for the Chinese with respect to copying is possible export problems. His office looked like datawheet cafe because of the smoke. You can calibrate your tube tester with those! This picture is just an art work.


Model: BTP-KT88

So what leaves the factory dxtasheet a strange mix of mainly good tubes, with some few bad ones amongst them, no good matching, and not enough burn in. This tube probably tests fine, but what the buyer doesn’t know is, most of the lifetime is gone.

There should be common understanding, that the distance between the tube curves must follow a logical pattern, otherwise there is something wrong with the tubes.

The blue Genelex stickersalways used to be some proof of originality.

It has not been tried with KT88, so here is the next experiment, but I have seen enough adtasheet it. Not clear to see through the glass but this valve is made with a glass disc not a pinch.

The part that made the transmitter tubes, and some magnetron tubes was sold to Mr. The HiFi market is only a few percent of our sales anyway.