This manual, the infamous KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation, dated July , is the source of much of the material in the second manual. KUBARK. Its purpose is to provide guidelines for KUBARK interrogation, and particularly the counterintelligence interrogation of resistant sources. This page report, classified Secret, was drafted in July as a comprehensive guide for training interrogators in the art of obtaining.

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Embed TMS on your website! As an interrogatee the schizoid character is likely to lie readily to win approval. Paperbackpages. He will be offended and may become wholly uncooperative if faced with insistent demands for the naked what. Every interrogation is shaped definitively by the personality of the source – and of the interrogator, because interrogation is an intensely interpersonal process.

These in turn produce unnatural pauses, meaningless sounds designed to give the speaker more time, or other interruptions.

During the opening phase the interrogator will have charted the probable areas of resistance by noting those topics which caused emotional or physical reactions, speech blocks, or other indicators. Its purpose is to keep from the questioner any kbark information or information that would be damaging to the speaker’s self-esteem.

All available pertinent information ought to be assembled and studied before the interrogation itself is planned, much less conducted. The New Indigenous Struggles in Mexico. To get the information that is needed there is nothing withheld short of torture.

KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation – Wikisource, the free online library

Unless the interrogation is soon over, the interrogatee’s attitude toward his questioner is not likely to remain constant. Unless a shock effect is desired, the transition from the screening interview to the interrogation situation should not be abrupt. Sometimes his sense of superiority is interwoven with a kind of magical thinking that includes all sorts of superstitions and fantasies about controlling his environment. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April He is often caught up completely in efforts to prove that he has been treated unjustly.


Yet they have conducted scientific inquiries into many subjects that are closely related to interrogation: Most experienced interrogators do not like to take notes. The two-man team, in particular, is subject to unintended antipathies and conflicts not called for by assigned roles.

MDR for Full Text of July 1963 “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation” Manual

Gross lies about deeds of daring, sexual prowess, or other “proofs” of courage and manliness are best met with silence or with friendly but noncommittal replies unless they consume an inordinate amount of counyerintelligence. A repetition of this catalogue would serve no purpose here, especially because almost all of the characteristics mentioned are also desirable in case officers, agents, policemen, salesmen, lumberjacks, and everybody else.

Anxious, self-centered interrogatees who are withholding significant facts, such as contact with a hostile service, are likelier to divulge if made to feel that the truth will not be used to harm them and if the interrogator also stresses the callousness and stupidity of the adversary in sending so valiant a person upon so ill-prepared a mission.

The main advantage of transmission is that it enables the person in charge of the interrogation to note crucial points and counterintelligencee further strategy, replacing one interrogator with another, timing a dramatic interruption correctly, etc.


U.S. Army and CIA interrogation manuals – Wikipedia

As one of the principal members of the U. The colors of walls, ceiling, rugs, and furniture should cunterintelligence be startling. Before questioning starts, the interrogator has clearly in mind what he wants to learn, why he thinks the source has the information, how important it is, and how it can best be obtained. A plain table may be preferable.

The act of recording the stray item or thought on paper fixes it in the interrogatee’s mind. Personality Categories C.

The Structure of the Interrogation 1. The circulation of the blood to the lower leg is partially cut off, thereby causing a slight lift or movement of the free foot with each heart beat.

Armed with these estimates and with whatever insights screening has provided into the personality of counterintelligejce source, the interrogator is ready to plan.

Is there a torture manual?

Zach rated it really liked it Sep 07, Apr counterintellgience, Cristian rated it it was ok Shelves: But two cautions are in order. Poor interrogators often confuse this bi-level functioning with role-playing, but there is a vital difference. Such leads can be taken up later unless they raise new doubts about bona fides.