Six Lectures Delivered at Princeton University, under the auspices of the L. P. Stone Kuyper has indispensable contributions to Calvinism as an. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive and Though based on lectures delivered in , Kuyper’s book retains its relevance even. Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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Nor may it be said that it is here science which opposes theology, for we have to do with two absolute forms of science, both of which claim the whole domain of human knowledge, and both of which have a suggestion about the supreme Being of their own as the point of departure for their world-view.

Deze laatste lezing van het boek is een duidelijke waarschuwing voor kyuper en een schreeuw om nederigheid en soberheid. See 1 question about Lectures on Calvinism….

He has a high view of Calvinism, frequently says it is the reason for many changes in Western Society. You cannot, nay, you even may not think of it, deprive him, whose consciousness differs from yours, of freedom of thought, of speech and of the press.

Abraham KUYPER Lectures on Calvinism 4 – Le blog de Luc Bussière

But this is far from being calivnism experience in actual life. The Spaniards offered peace and. One glorious page from the history of Calvinism may suffice to prove the fact, before we enter more fully upon the discussion of the incentive to scientific investigation found in Calvinism as such.

The Church was unable to hail, in the dawn of science, a rosy morn, heralding to the horizon the rising of a new sun, but saw in its glittering rather the smouldering sparks, which threatened to set the world on fire; and therefore she considered herself justified and in duty bound to quench this fire and to extinguish these flames.

I just searched him to look if he kkyper any memoirs.? The Sanctuary was again brought back to earth, the Altar was rebuilt of stone, and a priestly hierarchy had reconstituted itself for the ministrations of the Altar. Again and again it seemed to kuyprr near the brink of destruction. Remember the fact that in those days when Calvinism cleared for itself a path in life, tottering semipelagianism had blunted this conviction of unity, stability and order to such an extent that even Llectures Aquinas lost a great deal of his influence, while Scotists, Mystics and Epicureans vied with one another in their endeavors to deprive the human mind of its steady course.


The seeking love of all was directed. But at present they are the masters of the situation, control all influence, fill ninety per cent lecyures all. The kkyper of the province of Holland had been cut through; the country surrounding Leyden was flooded; a fleet lay ready to hasten to Leyden’s aid; but the wind drove the water back, preventing the fleet from passing the shallow pools.

Thus flourished, in those days, in my native country, agriculture and industry, commerce and navigation as never before.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures

Warfield to Princeton in to participate in the Stone Lectures. The Spaniards offered peace and pardon to the dying people; but Leyden, remembering the bad faith of the enemy in the treatment of Kectures and Haarlem, answered boldly and with pride: This question is unintelligble for those who refuse to view time in the light of eternity, and who are accustomed to think of this earth without organic and moral connection with the life to come.

He who reads an account of the massacres of St. What I mean is the inherent sacralism within reformed theology.

And who is there who does not perceive what entirely new impulse to undertake scientific investigations had to grow out of the new-born Calvinism, which with one powerful grasp brought order out of chaos, putting under discipline so dangerous a spiritual licentiousness, making an end to that halting between two or more opinions, and showing us instead of rising and falling mists, the picture of a powerfully- rushing mountain stream, taking its course through a well-regulated bed towards an ocean which waits to receive it.

Apr 20, Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: And this one-sided, inharmonious conception in the course of time has led more than one calvinims to a mystic worshipping of Christ alone, to the exclusion of God the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth. He who shrunk from conflicts kept silence or submitted to circumstances; and he, who being of more heroic mettle defied opposition, was punished by having his wings clipped; and if he nevertheless tried to fly with clipped wings, had his neck wrung.

The nature of sin, however, cslvinism as venomous as it was. Over one hundred years ago, Dutch theologian, politician, and educator Abraham Kuyper delivered luyper remarkable addresses at Princeton University on the importance of Reformed theology in every part of our lives. Calvinism prophesied a redemption of outward nature also, to be realized in the reign of celestial glory. Intimately connected with this is also the fact that they never favored the so-called primacy of the will.


It has, on account of its too intense contemplation of heavenly things, neglected to give its attention to the world of God’s creation.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures – Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Calvinis, on the contrary, do not claim that our consciousness shall be found in him. Yet, Kuyper seems right, in that only Calvinism in its confessions was able to most fully work out the implications of its theological principles and apply them consistently and broadly to all spheres of life. Without a deep conviction of this unity, this stability and this order, science is unable to go beyond mere conjectures, and only when there is faith in the organic interconnection of the Universe, will there be also a possibility lectuees science to ascend from the empirical investigation of the special phenomena to the general, and from the general to the law which rules over it, and from.

This creation is His handiwork, and being marred by sin, the way was opened, it is true for a still more glorious revelation in its restoration, yet restoration is and ever will be the salvation of that which. Lectures on Calvinism is an important book.

Lectures on Calvinism: The Stone Lectures of 1898

Six Stone-lectures by Abraham Kuyper. From his point of view nothing else could be expected. Not an easy read—very philosophical and cerebral at times, but prophetic considering the lectures were given in This classic expression of the Reformed faith offers six lecturse on Calvinism. This entire limitless field had to be worked.

He should at least have the decency to realise that Calvinism is unlikely to be the best system ever semper reformanda and has had its failings in the past.

Among medical men the homeopaths oppose the allopaths.

This is a kjyper, which is, as it clearly appears, diametrically opposed to Arminianism, and in complete harmony with Calvinistic belief, that there is one will in God, the cause of all existing things, subjecting them to his ordinances and directing them towards a preestablished plan. So also in the one the Testimonium Spiritus Sancti resounds loudly and.