LEGO set database: International Jetport. Set number: ; Name: International Jetport; Also known as: Holiday Airport; Set type: Normal; Theme. Find great deals for LEGO Town International Jetport (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. International Jetport Item №: Pieces: Minifigures: 8 Released: Theme: This was the second LEGO System airport out of five released to date.

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Both mini-vehicles together with the driver and some lost luggage. Here is a close up of the windows, tree and small garden. Seeing someone unbox and review it is really special. The second vehicle is the baggage trailer for the tractor. D Lol brickset says it’s released inthat makes it 1 year before i was born, oh so great that my mother found the airport in a box unbuilt a couple years back: There is just something so incredible about opening up a brand new set that has been in storage for years upon years.

Instructions for – International Jetport |

Here are the bricks that were floating around – The 2 large pale blue windows, 1 long white beam, 4 of the long green plates, and one large grey plate. Unfortunately it is now stored in a box somewhere, although I must say that after all these years all the stickers are still intact.

You can see the difference about which I wrote in the technical curiosities. The small island with palm trees in background could not be missing here. Cue nostalgia and the excited search through BL to see how feasible it would be to actually buy all of those sets that I missed out on when I was a young lad. I really liked that this set came with Five baseplates. Gas N’ Wash Express. Sites like this allow for me to wallow in nostalgia and remember the sets I longed for as a child.


We have seats, controls and some nice blue pin-striping. Register a new account or login and you will be able to use all page functionalities! Simple yet so incredible. I love the black rollcage with the large light.

It was actually looking quite feasible to get my grubby mitts on these nostalgic memories either MISB, or examples with broken seals that were still un-played with. No stickers on yet!!!! Posted February 24, edited. Now we are on to the terminal itself. I loved how this set along with Breezeway Cafe brought palm trees into the Town theme.

Introduction For starters I present the reconstruction of the airport presentation visible at the front page of the instruction and on the front of the packaging, where the helicopter is circulating over the airport lgeo the airplane is just 63966 off.

I love the rock music stage, as it has nothing to do with an airport, and demonstrates the flexibility of the set.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The leo that there are 5 baseplates, 3 vehicles and 8 minifigures with plenty of moving parts and detail ensure that this set has high playability and looks fantastic. I don’t remember if it was him, or someone else, but it was in that thread. Once again, nice simple construction, but some great details – especially the angled boom support, and the exhaust for the motor.

Next up, we put on the landing gear and light for the bottom of the fuselage. Easily identifiable as an airport, with lots of 696 and playability.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Note the small yellow lights on the side of the white upper structure – a very nice detail.


Sign In Sign Up. I echo what has previously been said.

We have 2 sticker sheets, the manual, and a catalogue of the current Lego lineup. The first step doesn’t give much away – It looks like this could be a boat, a rocket, or even I had initially held back as I already owned the previous set Airport However the new arched panels and tropical setting appealed to me as I was getting into Paradisa at the time.

I really love this set. It brings back memories of this set back when I got it 22 years. Im finding that if a seller does not normally ship to your country, it always pays to ask if they will make an exception.

LEGO International Jetport Instructions , Town

Thank you for the excellent review. I bought this set back in shortly before it was retired. It’s a bit weird though, to see a modern days internet-rewiew with the unboxing and all, and plenty of photo documentation on an old set like this. Here are a few close up and in action shots, to give you an idea of the play values in this set.

Funny thing I noticed was that all heads were attached to their respective torsos already Toys Period – instruction.

These are BIG pieces, and look fantastic. I too was amazed at the number of baseplates included in the Classic Airport sets. I actually never saw this set before.

Instructions for 6396-1 – International Jetport

I’m just wondering if anyone else has Golden-age era sets that they could review? I always loved classic airports. Trans Air Carrier Its all very simple and honest.

Nostalgic and beautiful review for this original set!