Download/Embed scientific diagram | Mapa Eléctrico y Energético de la Republica Dominicana (Fuente: Ley , Comisión Nacional de Energía, ) from. República Dominicana tiene nueva central de energía que otorga la Ley de Energías Renovables para ese tipo de inversiones. la República Dominicana se ahorraría anualmente la importación de Ley sobre Desarrollo de Fuentes Renovables de Energía.

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This new law provides for mandatory and universal coverage for all Dominican nationals and foreigners residing in the Dominican Republic against risks of aging, dokinicana, unemployment, sickness, maternity and childbirth, and labor risks.

Revisions of the Criminal Procedure Code were undertaken to incorporate oral procedures and to guarantee the protection of constitutional rights; the land courts and title registry offices underwent a significant transformation, which resulted in the enactment of a new dominicaja of property rights law and its regulations within the Torrens System.

Depending on the case, the Courts of First Instance are presided over by a sole judge who hears punishable acts, which are liable for monetary fines or punishment, by incarceration for a maximum of two years or both penalties at the same time.

They predominantly hear police and labor matters, as well as any other matter, which Congress, through legislation, empowers them to hear. Previously updated in July and Sept. It also implies promotion of the use of energy and construction processes based on renewable energies and products. The Labor Courts have jurisdiction over labor and employment disputes.

This work is a valuable source, in English, on the evolution of the Legal System of the Dominican Republic until Law Reports and Compilations of Legislation 3.

Although a Spanish colony, from forward France began to occupy the western side of Hispaniola by taking over large portions of land and converting them into agricultural developments, raising cattle, and stimulating an economy of French commercial goods.


The first National Constitution was signed, on Repuglica 22, The Justices of the Rwpublica are courts authorized to hear small claim cases. It was modeled after the Philippines and Australian Torrens system, and remains in effect today. These courts have jurisdiction over disputes filed against decisions, actions and provisions of the central government including administrative, tax, financial and municipal issues.

They regulate the pollution of soil, water and air; dangerous substances; municipal and housing wastes, sound pollution; and the concession of rights for the use of natural resources, and delimits regions within the country to be protected.

The Official Gazette Gaceta Oficial [46] is the official source of law reporting, and reports all statutes and laws passed by Congress, as well as decrees and regulations enacted by the Executive Branch. doimnicana

Sustainable Construction in the Dominican Republic

Each regular session lasts for ninety days, but can be extended up to sixty additional days. This Law restructured the legal and institutional framework of the public health sector in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, this effort was not continued and the country still does not have a law reporting system distinct from the Official Gazette.

A National Health Commission was created to promote overall modernization of the health sector. Legislative power is invested in the National Congress, which is composed of two chambers: It abrogates Ley No.

It dominicnaa the Labor Code and subsequent modifications.

Gilles M. Rochon

Administrative Contentious Court [35]. Trujillo, and finally democracy to present. Supreme Court of Justice [28]. Five judges sit on each of the courts, with the exception of the Courts of Appeals for Minors and the Contentious Administrative Court where a minimum of 3 judges sit.

Due to its commitment to reduce environmental impacts in daily activities and local communities, one tangible example of sustainable construction in the Dominican Republic is Grupo PuntaCana. These translated codes, with little adjustment to local needs remained as the law of the Dominican Republic for more than one hundred and fifty years [24].

It adopts an accusatory model, based on oral, public and contradictory proceedings and grants Public Prosecutors with the appropriate means to investigate violations, and the capacity to propose alternative methods for solving criminal proceedings. In August 14,the Constitution of the Dominican Republic was modified.


The Senate is empowered to select the members of the Central Electoral Board, the members of the Chamber of Accounts and the Ombudsman. Previous Festivals Fifth edition – Fourth edition repuvlica Third edition – Second edition – First edition – From tothe Dominican Republic was governed successively by France, Haiti, Domminicana and then Haiti again, until it finally declared its independence on February 27, Regarding taxes, officially there are no incentives expressly designed for sustainable construction.

Code of the Minor 3. Supreme Court of Justice 2.

Sustainable Construction in the Dominican Republic – DREFF

The Senate is composed of 32 members, one Senator elected by each province. It indexes a selection of the most significant laws of the Dominican Republic, but only provides for the full text of the main codes.

Monetary and Financial Code. Case Law Reports and Digests. In spite of infrequent mention and debate, the topic of sustainable construction is a fundamental basis of sustainable development, especially in a country like the Dominican Republic.

So, to some extent, builders work to make use of incentives located in laws pertaining to different fields. It does not include the main codes. There are also special traffic courts competent to hear traffic violations. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce Ministerio de Industria y Comercio is the government agency responsible for formulating and implementing industrial policy, trade and mining and formulating energy policies in the Dominican Republic.

See the Commercial Code updated through Law No. Justices of the Peace 2. General Law on Electricity, No.

Code of Criminal Procedure.