Get product support for the lg vx download vx manuals, documents, and software. view vx warranty information and schedule vx download lg chocolate vx cell phone user manual pdf mobi file of lg chocolate manual in pdfmanual for lg chocolate vx find out how to use and. Get Product Support For The Lg Vx Download Vx Manuals Documents And Software View Vx Warranty Information And Schedule Services.

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Inbox The phone alerts you in 3 ways when you receive a new message: Make sure your hands are clean and dry. Reply Replies to the sender’s address of the received message.

Lg Chocolate Phone Manual –

Get Extras Anything Unclear? The possibilities are endless, but Fun Animations, in particular, provide you with cute flash screens for your background wallpaper. Breaking vz8500 rules may be dangerous or illegal.

This manual also for: To answer a call, touch or open the slide. Additional charges for each video clip viewed may apply. Potentially Explosive Atmosphere Potentially Explosive Atmosphere Turn your phone OFF when in any area with a potentially explosive atmosphere and obey all signs and instructions.


Other Medical Devices If you use any other personal medical device, consult the manufacturer of your device to determine if it is adequately shielded from external RF energy. Forward Forwards a received message to other destination address es. Page 18 Menus Overview 3. Touch Right Soft Key [Add].

VX8500 Support

Tips on Mnaual Operation For your phone to operate most efficiently: Access My Music, then press synchronization. Enter a phone number, then touch Left Soft Key [Save]. Speed Dialing Allows you to make phone calls quickly and easily to numbers stored in Contacts. Optional items are sold separately. Touch to access Calendar. Dial sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into traffic. Supports up to 2GB.

Press [MENU], once, 4. Redialing Calls Redialing Calls 1.

Text Input The following key functions are available to help with text entry: Touch Left Soft Key [Edit]. In the event of such interference, you may want to consult your service provider or call the customer service line to discuss alternatives.

There are two methods of accessing menus and submenus: All Allows manaul to view the list of all calls; up to entries. The picture is stored in My PIX. Use Phone Sound comes from the handset. If the slide lv closed, press the Voice Commands key twice, then touch If the slide is open and the touch keys are lit, touch Touch to scroll through your Contacts alphabetically.


Received Allows you to view the list of incoming calls; up to 90 entries. New Msg information v8x500 in the message is determined by phone mode and service capability.

LG Chocolate User Manual

What about children using wireless phones? One Touch Dial 2. But if you are concerned about the RF exposure from these products, you can use mmanual like those described above to reduce your RF exposure from wireless phone use.

Areas with a potentially explosive atmosphere are often, but not always marked clearly.