Questionnaire on the implementation of the LibQUAL+ Survey. Implementation. 1 . Was this the first year you have used LibQUAL+. (If not first time please list. As part of the University Libraries and the Wegner Health Science Information Center’s commitment to supporting teaching, learning and research among faculty. From the analysis of LibQUAL+® assessment procedures, the .. The instrument was originally designed by its creators as a questionnaire.

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University of Groningen Library

Those applications revealed the need for a newly adapted tool that would serve the particular requirements of libraries. What Web browsers are supported for the survey. First, only very indirect information is captured which would be difficult to trace back to an individual. Reminders are also sent because research indicates that the single highest predictor of response rates in web-based surveys is the number of contacts made, including reminders.

Has this survey been approved by the University’s Human Subject Res The growing community of participants and its extensive dataset are rich resources for improving library services.

Each question has three parts that ask respondents to indicate:. If you do not wish to answer a question or feel a question does not apply to you, select NA not applicable. If I deleted the email can I still take the survey? Posted by Badan Barman on December 23, at Will there be any special incentives for participating?


What if I cannot open the URL from my email? This effort was supported in part by a three-year lkbqual from the U. If you are in an interdisciplinary field libqula in doubt as to what discipline you should select from the drop-down list on the survey, select “Interdisciplinary” or “Other”. For a complete list, please visit: Survey results will ultimately be reported back to the participating institutions as aggregated mean score data.

University Library user survey LibQUAL+ | University of Groningen Library | University of Groningen

What if I cannot open the URL from my email? If I deleted the email can I still take the survey?

Is the survey compatible with text-to-speech web browsers? Survey results will include aggregate summaries, demographics by library, item summaries, dimension summaries, and dimensions measured for survey implementation.

The survey is straightforward and involves no deception or coercion. Results will be compiled in a report that will be posted at this Questionmaire site and posted in Insight.

The survey typically takes from 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The University of Lethbridge has selected optional questions covering promotion 1information literacy 3and ease navigating the Library’s website 1. Why isn’t the survey at a local Web address? If the experienced level is lower than the desired minimum level then questionnxire is a signal to the library to start improvements.


Do all libraries use the same questions? Why are reminders sent to respondents who have already completed th Follow us on facebook twitter instagram. This will assist with future benchmarking activities. Results What will be done with the survey results? The growing community of participants and its extensive dataset are rich resources for improving library services. Where quesionnaire when will results be posted? After the draw, the email addresses are discarded.

Participating institutions will have access to summary results for each institution, allowing for comparisons among peer institutions and all participating academic institutions. Reminders, therefore, are distributed to everyone in the survey group.

Cook, Heath, and Thompson, “A meta-analysis of response rates in web- or internet-based surveys”, Educational and Psychological Measurementv. As individual libraries receive information about areas needing improvement, this project will allow libraries to compare their service quality with other peer institutions, to develop benchmarks, and to surface best practices lbqual institutions.

Staff not engaged in discipline-based research may choose “Other”. Training Workshop Seminar Conference. Yes, the survey is compatible with the JAWS screen reader software.