“A Gathering of Fugitives” () and “Beyond Culture” (), Lionel Trilling has seen . “Sincerity and Authenticity” can read like a Commonplace Book, where According to Trilling “sincerity” was a new concept when. Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, Chapter 1. Sincerity: Its Origin and Rise. 用以比較的中文翻譯:. Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, Chapter 4. The Heroic, the Beautiful, the Authentic. 用以比較的中文 .

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Aug 03, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: If we speak it, we are likely to do so with either discomfort or irony. However, a few days ago, I thought I might indulge in a little preparatory distraction by re-reading Trilling, primarily so that I could enjoy his style and critical authority once more.

Lionel Trilling, Sincerity and Authenticity – PhilPapers

The novel, to be sure, did not fight alone: He actually felt that they were trikling to some positive aspects of the growth of the individual within a family context. Yet the commonplaces I have cited imply that one has no alternative to play-acting. What he means by this is the inversion of the bourgeois resistance to art which we usually call Philistinism; he means the use of the art and thought of high culture, of the higest culture, for purposes of moral acreditation, which in our time announces itself in the facile acceptance of the shame that art imputes and in the registration of oneself in the company autgenticity those who, because they see themselves as damned, are saved.

In its commonest employment it has sunk to the level of a mere loonel, in which capacity it has an effect that negates its literal intention–‘I sincerely believe’ has less weight than ‘I believe’; in the subscription of a letter, ‘Yours sincerely,’ means virtually the opposite of xincerity. Plus he argues that culture and art contribute to these behavioural distinctions; they are “agents of conformity”. It announces and demonstrates itself.


Presents Trilling’s case with plenty of Literary examples in a mainly chronological order. The possibility of their actual existence is underwritten by social fact. Nov 16, Lee rated it really liked it.

Sometimes the epiphanies are rewarding for another reason, that they convey precisely the flavor of unpalatable experiences. Taratuffe, Blifil, la cousine Bette, Mme Marneffe, Uriah Heep, Blandois, Becky Sharp–these wolves in sheep’s clothing are not free fantasies, and it is a misapprehension to think of them as such. Milton, in the Greek manner, does his best for Samson, but not even in Milton’s poem, much less in Judges, is Samson really a hero.

Literature was concerned with “dissimulation, feigning and pretence”. But it is not auyhenticity. MSingh rated auyhenticity it was amazing Sep 15, You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Barzun is correct in fixing upon the novel, the pedagogic genre par excellence, as the chief opponent of the heroic view of life. Lauren Bialystok – – Philosophical Papers 40 2: Jul 08, Charles rated it it was amazing. What actually matters is only to play well rather than badly, with no genuine relevance to the oucome. In both countries, the concept of sincerity became more important as society segmented into discrete public and private spheres, and within these spheres we each became an individual, not just a member of a family, village, crowd or society.

Sincerity and Authenticity

Besides, the slip looked to me more like a severe case of not lionell. The subject matter of the book was that fresh in my mind. You haven’t, perhaps, heard of him. Society was seen and heard, and thought about, by men who had liberated themselves from the sanctions of the corporate Church.


Not a bad review, but I did not write it. And how effectual these hindrances were may be learned from any good English or French novel of the nineteenth century. We rightly speak of this change as a revolution. To Fielding it was always an astonishing fact that literature authenticlty he knew it from his adoration of the Greek classics was not consonant trillijg life as he had to deal with it in [p. Authenticity in Normative Ethics. It’s not that I believe authenticity shouldn’t be a virtue, it’s that we so clearly do not carry it out.

Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology 27 2: It does not matter how small the place is, just so it be tenable: Hibberd – – Journal of Moral Education 14 3: The whole import of tragedy depends upon [p. And Hans Authenticihy, in his study of the Gnostic religion, comments on the theatrical element in the ethical system of the Stoics. Eliot said that ‘The progress of an artist is a continual self-sacrifice, a continual extinction of personality’. For our present purpose of identifying a chief circumstance with trlling the origin and rise of sincerity is bound up, it does not matter which of the two readings best recommends itself, since one as decisively as the other places the concept of society at the center of the play.

This ready recognition of change in the moral life is implicit in our modern way of thinking about literature.

Philosophy books books Philosophy book stubs. Others were less reluctant than I was to attempt it.