Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lise Haines is Writer in Residence at Emerson College, has held a Briggs-Copeland lectureship at Harvard, and was a . Review. Girl in the Arena. by Lise Haines. Eighteen-year-old Lyn has lived her entire life in the world of gladiators, and this modern-day version. Uber enters the arena first to thundering applause. I’ve read in Sword and Shield that he rubs a quart of Glow on his skin before a match.

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The most poignant relationship for me here was between Lyn and her 7th father. Every now and then in the Young Adult genre we have a break out success that spawns one hundred inferior copies.

Next, and this one is directly for the author. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. What if they allow their hainez to revolve around “beautiful” and mysterious boys? I want to give Girl in the Arena four–possibly even five–stars, because it has something few other books I’ve had the pleasure of reading has.

Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines

On the back of the book, Tom Robbins!!! Even the unusual use of hyphens for direct speech added to the quiet melody of the enfolding drama. Gone Gonebook 1 Michael Grant. She just uses a dash to mark whenever someone speaks.


Read reviews that mention girl in the arena hunger games dowry bracelet sports association gladiator sports lise haines seven gladiators llise marks fight to the death social commentary glad culture main character seventh father daughter of seven must marry modern day young adult man who killed glad wife gladiatorial combat.

At first I wasn’t always sure who was saying what.

It supposedly takes place in contemporary time though it never gives exact dates that I noticed unless referencing the past. But this is not a book about a female gladiator.

Girl in the Arena

Jan 26, Raina rated it liked it Shelves: She wants more than what her upbringing says she’s allowed to have. Why weren’t they throwing buckets of red paint at the gladiators who fought and killed animals in the arena? I can’t be bothered to filter through these things and carefully camoflouge facts from you. Asks all those questions and more. And I couldn’t wrap my mind around Americans in embracing murder.

View all 49 comments. But those rules can turn against you.

Same dissatisfying ending as Mockingjay, too. But in no time, I didn’t even realize the difference. The most annoying thing of all was that instead of quotation marks when people speak, it’s dashes. I understand her because, in a way, I was her. They’ll become hsines losers. Lots of dashes instead of quotes.


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Girl in the Arena Author s: An incident noted casually that shocked me, for instance, was the promise of free-parking for all spectators who left the arena within 20 hainea after a show: This is officially the first book I’ve marked as dnf. Gosh, I was so amped up for this book and then it all came crashing down like twenty huge elephants stomping on my brain.

Lyn is the daughter of a Gladiator and as such is expected to become a Glad- wife. Remind him constantly of his victories.

Maybe her comment was in the futility of getting over that, because in less than 50 years, there is no connection between the peace movement and the glad commercial machine.