You are here: Home» Search our Listings Red Book download (PDF). Search our Listings. Search Categories · Automatic Sprinkler, Water Spray and. Standards and Codes of Practice. Our Loss Prevention Standards (LPSs) are.

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Benefits for specifiers and manufacturers.

How can you be sure the fire safety systems and products you install to protect buildings and equipment actually perform as promised by the manufacturer?

The leader in truck-mounted hydraulic platforms Our mission is to provide the best and the safest solution to professionals that work at height. In conjunction with local codes and standards, the Red Book is used by the authority having jurisdiction AHJ in many countries around the world, providing a source of trusted, compliant and high quality products and services for the fire and security market.

BRE Global Limited is custodian of lpcg number of world leading brands including:. Automatic sprinkler, water spray and deluge systems.

If the material used complies with LPSFire requirements for protective covering materials, it will not add significantly to the fire risk. Multiple detector heads mean that one system can detect smoke over an even larger area, and the heads can be positioned for total coverage of unorthodox indoor spaces.

Waterax – We move water Trusted by wildland firefighters around the world, WATERAX sets the industry standard by developing innovative, portable fire pumps and water-handling equipment designed to withstand demanding applications and rugged environments. Product Fire Resisting Systems and Fire Protection Construction Products Passive Fire Products The specification and installation of fire resistant products and systems that provide passive fire protection is a fundamental aspect to fire safety.

We also approve to International and British Standards but unfortunately due to copyright we are unable to provide a link for you. Building and perimeter LPS See here for LPS approved products. Click here to find out how: Protecting the lives of the public and firefighters while limiting the structural damage caused in large scale fires is our primary mission.


It concluded that sprinklers are, on average, a cost effective investment for warehouses with floor areas above 2, m 2.

Manual fire extinguishing equipment Whether it is a portable or fixed manual fire fighting system, it is important to use the right type of equipment, which must be clearly and correctly marked, to be confident that it will meet the rigorous requirements necessary for safe and reliable use. For more information, visit www.

Standards and Codes of Practice. Home Advanced Search Contact us. A study by BRE for the Business Sprinkler Alliance analysed the whole life costs benefits of fire sprinkler installation in warehouses of three size ranges.

Third-party approval is independent confirmation that boook and services have met — and will continue to meet — appropriate standards. LPCB and the South African Bureau of Standards signed an agreement for the use, in the South African market, of LPS for assessing and certificating the performance of grease filters in commercial kitchen extract systems. LPCB approval offers wide ranging benefits, both to those specifying fire and security products and services, and to those manufacturing and supplying them.

Access to the most up to date Red Book listings is crucial to enable quick and easy verification of LPCB approved products and hook. Visit our classroom and online fire training courses at the BRE Academy. Those wishing to use or reproduce this standard for any purpose should apply to enquiries breglobal.

The study – rev which BRE is participating – began in late but is already providing recommendations that can be quickly implemented. The fire suppression products, sys These can be accessed free of charge at http: Points of failure include damaged components, system malfunction, poor training of personnel, lack of proper maintenance and installation of inappropriate systems. Easily installs directly INSIDE the electrical cabinet, closer where electrical fires start Detects and actuates release of the extinguishing agent using pneumatic technology A full-standalone unit—requires no external power source Non-corrosive and non-conductive extinguishing agents No clean up after discharge.


RedBook Live: Search our Listings

Another feature will be Show Me How. Specifiers Selecting LPCB certificated products and services reduces fire safety and security risks and demonstrates due diligence the use of certificated products is encouraged by insurers. Rotarex uses cookies to ensure a better and easier online experience.

We also have a number of Building Product Standards BPSs which have been developed for products and systems where there were no directly applicable recognised standard. Kamil took part in the conference and exhibition, raising the profile and promoting the value of LPCB certification.

Standards and Codes of Practice

They can be every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, ad hoc, whatever you want! Environmental construction site monitoring and reporting software to help you Improve records access, save time and money, enhance performance managem The product standard EN for power, control and communication cables was cited in the OJ on 10 Julymarking the start of CE marking being possible for these products from 1 December In addition, third-party approval demonstrates due diligence and reduces liability for manufacturers and their insurers and customers.

Requirements, classification and methods of test for resistance to burglary.