Boston Unveiled – That Old Black Magic The first European mages to arrive in New England made dark compacts and concords that still affect. It’s basically a mash-up of Boston Unveiled (which has made my Mages control most of Boston, vampires control what’s left, there’s a. Mage: The Awakening—Boston Unveiled. White Wolf Publishing. * (based on 1 rating). WWP Our Price: $ Unavailable. Facebook.

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The group ran into a spirit grasshopper Tiki who was on this side of the gauntlet to serve his master. Potestas, Khumeia, amd Chain Parris are running for the position.

I refuse to spoil anything of the legend, except to say that it ties into the Salem Settlement hinted at in the core book. More importantly, how do the major cabals react?

Mockmar, Septino, Graves and Paige are given the location of a potential sanctum that many supernatural are actively seeking due to its unique qualities. I’m also running with the Tremere elements out of Dorchester.

It was a show on the history channel about the city of Boston and it’s history during the Revolutionary War that inspired me to pick up this book. Graves, Paige, and Aurora set out into Boston for some free roaming.

We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. In another container a sarcophagus was opened releasing some sort of mummy inside which attacked the other part of the group. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The chaos increases as cabals begin fighting over leadership for the consilium in the absence of the Nemean. As Paige entered the room she saw a male sneaking swakening the hall and open a bathroom door to find an old man sleeping in front of a curtained off bathtub.

You probably want to know some of the highlights of the town, what’s worth seeing and doing, the known history of the place. He’ll just take some guys and go around to your Sanctum and fuck you up. Archmages are unveilled like that. Malcolm said so years ago.


Yeah the Nemean is a scary guy and he has some other scary guys who back him up, like The Ax. Revlon is then quwstioned by Morvron about a few incidents and given advice on what it takes to be in their cabal.

Aurora goes investigating for information in the Harvard library…. In the spirit of sharing and storytelling, what have you done with the Boston supplement? It is quite possible that the state he created in Boston was part of his attempt to begin his Seeking. After a bloody battle the group retreats to a nearby safehouse. The group succeeded and advanced further.

Honestly, if you are a bunch of regular Mages who turn up on his turf unwelcomed, then the Hte is not the type to get huffy and sent some diplomats etc.

Inside the consilium mages are discussing that the Nemean has gone missing and that the Ebon Noose are out scouting the region for amswers.

But then you read something that is genius and that you could never have made something so good – it makes the whole book worth reading by itself. They are given the general area and using fate arcana Thee was able to steer the group towards the location of an old stone building converted into unvsiled lofts.

The hell hound is once again released, and the group attempts to knock the creature through the portal. Maybe some secrets to show and tell.

That’s not what my issue is. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. At heavy uneiled to one cabal the Nemean shows up to tend the injured and grow a new arm for one amputee of the attack.

I have approximate knowledge of many things. Read more Read less. Once I started to contemplate the idea of filling the setting with a few more cabals and some 2ed caucus structures, the ideas started to flow again.


I’m sorry, but we no longer support this web browser. Although it is simple enough to google that information these days, I always appreciated that in my Cthulhu citybooks, and I really wish it had been included for those of us too lazy to look it up ourselves.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. My only complaint, and the only omission from the book, is something of unveiles tourist guide to the town; what is there to see and do.

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Revlon had two of his favorite shirts ruined and has the reputation of being a wildcard. The symbol on their clothing is the same as the cultists following Ahmanet in the crypt.

The Nemean seen in the story involving the Khonshu, whose life is being seized thhe an Archmage, is an Ochema. The Nemean is plenty powerful, and plenty brutal.

Mage Awakening: Boston Unveiled | Adventure Log | Obsidian Portal

After all but two mages cast their votes Khumeia wins by a meager three votes and is the new acting Heirarch. He is an Aswadim. Explore the Home Gift Guide.

Revlon got an attitude with what was apparently an evil mage bston sorts and the Emerald Scroll was destroyed when another mage intervened.

Mages control most of Boston, vampires control what’s left, there’s a changeling freehold in Waltham, and sin-eaters and werewolves cooperate over various disaster sites to mend damage done both in Twilight and the Shadow Realm the Tewksbury Explosion, the Pemberton Mill collapse, the Great Revere Train Wreck, and what-have-you.

What about adapting the setting to the 2nd edition new rules and setting changes? Aurora heads to Boston Common with dumpling and discovered a cordoned off crime scene. Originally posted by Michael View Post. He abuses his authority, but he holds that authority legitimately; and jnveiled in the setting at least grudgingly awaoening that authority as such.

After escaping and making their way up they got into two cars when Ahmanet followed them and attacked. Have you found any difficulty introducing a particular element of the setting? A lot of unfeiled content of gaming books is somewhat arbitrary – you can make up the stats for your own cabal of mages, write your own consilium procedure, your own architecture, etc.