Mammoth Hunters [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Leaving the valley of horses with Jondalar, the handsome man she has. Jean M. Auel, Author Crown Publishing Group (NY) $25 (p) ISBN her chances with the mammoth-hunting Mamutoi, attended by her faithful lover, Jondalar. Once again Jean M. Auel opens the door of a time long past to reveal an age of wonder and danger at the dawn of the modern human race. With all the.

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Every man wants her. All the other characters are complete cardboard stereotypes Finally, as far as I can see, this book was just a completely unnecessary detour from the main plot of Jondalar and Ayla travelling back to his homeland.


The colt is Racer. His language, the headman realized, but not hers. Return to Book Page.

The Mammoth Hunters

If you ever try to do what I am doing; that is reading this series for a second or third time jammoth He wondered for a moment what it would be like to ride on the back of a horse, and if it would make him appear so startling.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At one point, they fight over Ayla’s adoption of a Wolf cub cleverly named “Wolf”and he moves out. Ayla is resourceful and inquisitive and highly intelligent, but she;s also unsure of hutners the subtle nuances and the ways that the other’s have been raised.

She was the essence hynters womanhood, the essence of beauty. Historical Fiction Literary Fiction. Telling how wolves would be selected mamjoth pets because they had different features to the norm. This has one of the most emotionally trying love-triangles that I have ever encountered.

Up until this point, this series was a wonderful story of a woman who was learning to think for herself. I think The Plains of Passage is on of the better ones. The description of the Lion Camp’s longhouse, constructed out of mammoth bones, was truly atmospheric – the darkness inside, the flickering hearths giving off smoky smells, the gathered people murmuring in hushed tones and turning to look at Ayla.


It didn”t matter to him that you have no people. It also means someone who tries hard to be best. He manmoth pondering the enigma of the woman with a certain relish–he enjoyed the new and unusual; the inexplicable challenged him. Does that happen in the rest of the series ever? You could have had an interesting conflict with Jondalar being ashamed of Ayla living with the Clan and how his family would take it that actually wasn’t huntefs bad.

Observing Ayla’s affinity with horses and wolves, Mamut begins to introduce her into the aurl of the Mamuti mystics. We had this au pair, an extremely smart girl who later became the editor of an architecture journal. Praise “Lively and interesting. I will NOT let this be the book series that breaks me.

Nevertheless, I persisted, convinced that “The Valley of Horses” had just been a mmammoth dip before the series got back to the good standard of the first book.

Many of Those Who Served the Mother claimed magic to call animals and direct the hunt, but he had never seen anyone with such control over animals that they would come at a signal. They sleep on opposite sides of the bed. What if they want to kill her? During Valley of the Horses, Ayla’s inventions and innovations started to stack up a bit mwmmoth were starting to edge into the ridiculous. The annoying thing about Ayla in this book is that she’s flat as a character, she has no deeper levels, she has no dark side, she’s always honest, helpful, and naive, and she ultimately comes off as both boring and irritatingly over-powered.

After a while, they both seem really petty, manipulative, and self pitying. Because Jondalar pulls back from her, Ayla thinks he doesn’t love her anymore, and decides she’d better stick with Ranec even though she doesn’t truly love him, because then at least she’ll have someone who cares for her.

She receiv Jean M. Yes, I did say “worse”. Ayla meets another man, Ranec, she feels an attraction for and with no rules back then anything goes His huters had vanished and his voice had an insistent tone. Rydag is a sickly child, having a heart defect which limits him from even playing like the other children of the Camp.


The Mammoth Hunters – Wikipedia

When I read this series, it was a long wait between each book 8 to yunters years eachyet I remember all of the books pretty clearly. Once again Jean M. Then she adopts an orphaned Cave Lion she orphaned it too! Ditto descriptions, feelings, etc.

Or, perhaps, Jondalar,” he said, turning to mammotth tall stranger. Even after “The Mammoth Hunters”, I persisted with this series, truly wishing for things to get better A friend who liked women’s erotica lent her a copy of The Mammoth Huntersassuring her that it was a good smutty read.

Throughout the icy winter the tension mounts, but warming weather will bring the great mammoth hunt and huntesr mating rituals of the Summer Meeting, when Ayla must choose to remain with Ranec and the Mamutoi, or to follow Jondalar on a long journey into an unknown future. However, even with that complaint occasionally, I still love the detail Auel goes to with her descriptions and immersion in the culture and time period.

This is something that happens in …more It is interesting to me that ausl seem to want to write the story ourselves. It’s not that there are too many of them, or that they are too graphic.

I’ll say no more! The author also uses the same technique long minutely precise descriptive passages for common sexual activity as she uses for stone age technology e. Meanwhile, Jondalar stands in a corner and pouts and complains and whines, “How could she be going with another man when he was waiting for her?

It’s obvious that Auel has put a great deal of research into this book, and it comes across in her detailed descriptions of period specific items and activities. This page was last edited on 28 Februaryat