Manual de Fórmulas y Tablas Matemáticas Murray R. Spiegel. Uploaded by Física General – Frederick – McGraw Hill (Serie Schaum) . Series de coNtantes to. tt Seri$ de Fourie¡ Func ionesde B e s s é l lSl. I Co.. r ?. Manual de Fórmulas y Tablas Matemáticas Murray R. Spiegel. Uploaded by Transformadas de Laplace – Murray Spieguel, Serie Schaum. Uploaded by. Title, Manual de fórmulas y tablas matemáticas: fórmulas y 60 tablas. Serie de compendios Schaum. Author, Murray R. Spiegel. Translated by, Orlando.

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Quantized Hall conductivity in two-dimensions – Laughlin, R.

Infinite symmetry in the fractional quantum Hall effect – Flohr, Michael et al. Reidel P.

Handbook of Mathematical Functions – Field Theories in Condensed Matter Physics – Introduction to Quantum Mechanics – Effective Field Theory and the Fermi Surface – An effective field theory model for the fractional quantum hall effect – Zhang, S.

Canonical Group Actions – Statistics of quasiparticles and the hierarchy of fractional quantized Hall states – Halperin, Schaim. Please direct questions, comments or concerns to feedback inspirehep. Stability of Classical Solutions – Bogomolny, E. Iwanami Shoten and Princeton University Press. A Hierarchy of esrie quantum fluid states – Haldane, F.


Electrodinámica Cuántica Bidimensional: Sobre la Teoría del Efecto Hall Cuántico – INSPIRE-HEP

Fractional statistics and anyon superconductivity – Wilczek, Frank Singapore, Singapore: Classical and quantum anomalies in the quantum Hall effect – Distribution Theory and Transform Analysis – Two-dimensional magnetotransport in the extreme quantum limit – Tsui, D.

Proceedings of the Meeting: Neutral superfluid modes and ‘magnetic’ monopoles in multilayered quantum Hall systems – Wen, Xiao-Gang et al. Off diagonal long range order, oblique confinement, and the fractional quantum Hall effect – Girvin, S. Microscopic theory of the fractional quantum Hall effect – Jain, J.

Fractional Fermion Number – Advanced Quantum Mechanics – Differential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles – Topological phases of quantum theories. This site is also available in the following languages: Information Msnual Citations 0 Files Plots.

Quantum Many-Particle System – M Singer, and R. Physics and Mathematics of Anyons – Introduction to Solid-State Theory – Quantum Hall Fluids – Quantized motion of three two-dimensional electrons in a strong magnetic field – Laughlin, R.


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Fractional quantization of the Hall effect: Topics in planar physics – Solid State Physics – Modern Quantum Mechanics – Geometry and Quantum Field Theory – Introduction to Gravitacional Anomalies – Composite fermion approach for the fractional quantum Hall effect – Jain, Foormulas. Gordon and Breach p.

Self-Dual Chern-Simons Systems – An Incompressible quantum fluid with fractionallycharged excitations – Laughlin, R. Anomalous quantum Hall effect: Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics, 8.

The Matemativas Hall Effect – Field Theory a Modern Primer – Privacy policy Powered by Invenio v1. Quantum Mechanics of Particles with Fractional Statistics –